Music: A Way of Life

To start out music goes back centuries and over the years music and artists have evolved. Many people that become big in the music industry gets discovered. Whether they go on a show such as American Idol or the voice, such as Carrie Underwood who won the fourth season of American Idol and now she continues to make music and win Grammy’s and Academy of Country Music Awards. Others happened to get discovered on you tube and became famous and still make music and produce albums such as Justin Bieber.   Sometimes artists just go their own way, performing wherever they can and climbing the ladder in their own unique way, and sometimes that’s what works best.

Now as we see these artists evolving and making music for their audience and trying to stay high on the charts, the music has progressively strayed away from where it originated from. Music used to be a sign of life and a way to communicate how someone was feeling. But now music has transformed into something more and meaningless. While music is still used to communicate feeling, it’s also expressing negative reasoning, such as drugs,  sex, and, money. As if these things are the key to happiness. It then leads to others going out into the world and creating their own form of chaos by either doing drugs or trying to get away with other crimes (graffiti,  theft, etc…).

There’s many artists to choose from but there’s one that speaks to me. A rapper based out of Kansas City, his name is Steven Cooper, formerly known as Lyrycyst.  Coming from a broken home the thing he had was the lyrics that he wrote. Starting out doing talent shows and then he moved on booking any gigs that he could get and going on minimal tours. In his early years as an artist he began as a Christian rapper but then just recently he strayed away from that label but still delivers positive lyrics. The reason for moving on from the “Christian music” label is because he wanted to reach a bigger crowd through his music in a positive way.

While getting his music out there he has been featured with Tech N9ne and Akon and continues posting music on Spotify and YouTube and selling his music on ITunes and Amazon. He’s had songs featured on ESBN and MTV. As he keeps climbing the charts and releasing new music while running his own labeling company.  He continues rising to success.


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