21 Not So Savage

I am completely convinced that you no longer need any musical talent, or training in the arts of music to be successful in today’s music industry. So many artists in our generation rely heavily upon their image that they create to market themselves rather than actual musical ability. They turn to brand representation and pay per visit events to generate revenue rather than the music that they produce and put into the market. Due to this, the quality of the music is being produced is suffering dramatically.

One artist I believe to embody this idea of lack of true musical or talent is the up and coming rapper and hip hop star 21 Savage. 21 burst onto the music scene during the heart of the summer of 2016 after being featured on the highly anticipated 2016 XXL Freshman class.


His songs are centralized of a slow 808 style beat with a recurring baseline that essentially plays on repeat throughout the entirety of the song. 21 raps about his life before he found the fame in his music, and what he is willing to do to keep his “Savage” image alive. However, that is all that 21 writes his lyrics about. There is little to no content in his work that isn’t involved with murder, sex, drugs and money. Below are some lyrics from one of 21’s most popular songs in the industry today courtesy of Genius.com ;

“Cup, woah767i7i-20
 Muddy, yo
Hit the yolk
Got the stick, woah
Keep it on me, yah
 Knew you got it, yah
One in the head, yah
Bitch I fuckin’ dare
Nigga I double dare
Why the fuck you stare?
Pew-pew, bet you ass don’t stare”

21 Savage, “Savage Mode”

 As you can see, young Savage has quite a bit of deeper meaning behind his lyrics. The lack of lyrical effort would even be bearable if 21 would simply put some effort into vocalizing his vision. He literally sounds half asleep of extremely intoxicated in every single song he has produced. But I can’t blame him, I would need a few drinks to ake it through a 21 mixtape as well.Below is also a music video for 21’s hit “Red Opps” just one of many of its kind;

But this leads us to pose the question, if he is selling so well, and has so many fans of his music then how could he be an artist with no talent? 21 uses his music to propel his image of being a “savage”. His music exemplifies the modern idea of what used to be known as a “gangster”. Staying out late, picking up as many woman as possible and killing anybody who crosses his path. While music is free speech and you can talk about or say whatever you want, I also believe that many before Savage have done a much better job of portraying this message with much better musical content. But that’s the issue with the industry in our generation. Every artist puts out radio hits to get signed to a record label and live out their career in mediocrity, producing sub par music in exchange for selling their image. Artists are more concerned with making money, and putting in as little effort as possible to achieve it. The worst part of the whole situation is that as an audience, we are buying into it.


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