Foxy Shazam

Foxy Shazam was an american rock band created in 2004 that had a slow but good surge into the mainstream of music. They began their conquest in music after releasing the bands first album The Flamingo Trigger. This album which was entirely free of charge put the bands name on the map and eventually help launch them in the right direction. The bands popularity came from live concert performances under big headliners The Darkness and Panic At the Disco. With such a broad act on stage the bands fans never had a dull moment enjoying the crazy music and the hysterical look of the group. Foxy Shazam would continue to shock’n awe their way to success on stage not relying much on media or internet in the early years to help them, but only sight and sound.

Image result for Foxy shazam live

Enough performances and album releases put the band into a somewhat known state. The bands single Unstoppable was featured in Superbowl 44 which help project them on the big screen. Another sound of success for the band was when their lead singer accompanied Macklamore in his Billboard top 10 hit DowntownEric Nally the lead singer was even compared to Freddie Mercury the lead singer of Queen in some cases. Which could be seen as a positive for the band in any way they looked at it. Overall the band took a break in 2014 and hasn’t been back since then, but the music and the shows they put on still have impact on viewers of their past work.


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