More than Music

In the 21st century, music stars have become famous through social media, whether it’s through MySpace, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Here, artists have the ability to create their own image of who they are and see themselves as. MySpace, for example, allows “people to set up a personal profile on which they can post original music” (Chapter 6: Music). One can become a successful artist by getting likes/comments, or in broader terms, attention from the public. Justin Bieber is a perfect example of an artist who became famous through social media. When he was young, he had multiple videos on YouTube of him singing and playing instruments. All it took for the public’s approval, or the right person to see it. He becam famous when a talent manager discovered him. He quickly became “the first artist to have 7 songs from a debut record chart on the Billboard Hot 100,” (Justin Bieber).

I believe Justin Bieber became popular through his talent and public image. He was a young, attractive teenage boy with a great voice. It was only a matter of time before someone who could help him discovered him and assisted him in forming his image. Once Justin grew older and discovered more of who he really was and wanted to stand for, he began to establish his own style. This caused him to become even more famous. His music is great, but his image is almost “better”. Even after drama went completely South with ex-girlfriend, Select Gomez, and Justin threatened to make his Instagram private, he upset many fans and followers. My point in this is to show how fans are so consumed in the public image a celebrity or artist has that they are almost more focused on that than the very reason they are famous in the first place. People have become obsessed with the physical image an artist has, which influences people, both positively and negatively.

Artists, such as Justin Bieber, can positively influence people by encouraging them to follow their dreams and to never give up. When Justin first became widely known, it took him a few years to really become a notable artist whim attracted more than just teenage girls. Artists can negatively influence people as well through the ways they choose to live their lives. Artists who even do simple things like curse on a regular basis or drink/party all the time can push younger generations to do those things in order to feel acceptance in society. Regardless, artists have a major impact on the culture of our society, whether they realize that or not.


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