Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber is a prime example of someone who contributed a lot of success through social media. His videos which weren’t studio recorded or anything were uploaded to YouTube, a free video  uploading service, that is offered to millions of users. His first video that was recognized by  51,746,416.viewers(https://youtu.be/eQOFRZ1wNLw),which was his ticket to fame, he was contacted by Usher and Justin Timberlake to sign a record label (goo.gl/SGdhxH). The reason his fame escalated so quickly was because the way he attracted himself to the media, he looked like a innocent child, but he was far from that. While he was growing up he made many poor decisions that put the spotlight on him, for example when he was in Miami he got into a little bit of trouble after driving a Lamborghini under the influence (goo.gl/omM1OH). It wouldn’t be a complete arrest without going out with a bang, in his mug shot you can see him smiling.  The quality of his music is phenomenal, he is a well established artist, winning many prizes and awards for his talent(goo.gl/vyin61),he won his first Grammy in 2016. It’s not only his talent for making music that drives the demand for his music but he is just as good as a entertainer, he seeks the attention of the people. If i were to take a guess Justin Bieber is probably known internationally. Although he may seem like a negative impact in our society by going through trouble along the way he has also helped a lot of organizations today and is a donor of half a million dollars to research Aids in Africa (goo.gl/ikP9Rc). 


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