Lil Yachty the Lil Boat

Lil Yachty is a new “rapper” who has bust out on the scene over the last year or so. However he gets alot of criticism for not being a real “rapper” because he does not always have clear lyrics which makes him very hard to understand, thus many people have called his music “Mumble Rap”. How ever Yachty has a different view of this, he does not consider himself a rapper but a entertainer, and considers his music “Bubble Gum Trap”. He says he has different sounds and melodies which makes him different and makes people not like his music.

Just as unusual as Lil Yachty’s music is, was how most of his music was discovered, it all had to do with media and social media. It all began with one of his first popular songs “1night” it was used on a Vine that became very popular and “revined” over and over again which led to this song becoming the top searched song on the app “shazam”.  This causing him to become one of the more popular artist for the time being, but all of this success came from the media and social media.


With Lil Yachty’s rise in popularity he got more and more following which lead to him to being featured on the 2016 XXL Freshmen Cover. This is a annual magazine that  features the newest up and coming rappers for the year and gives them spot light and coverage. Yachty was among those voted on purely from social media.

In addition to Yachty’s different sound and different music social media also gives him alot of attention for his unique look and his unique personality. For one he had bright red hair and still wears beads on his braids, so the look alone gets the medias attention alot which helps push  Yachty’s music and gets him more plays and views. Aside from his look being unique style and personality which can be seen in many of his music videos, which also gets social media talking about him more.

The self proclaimed “King of the Teens” Yachty  is very social media driven while he has a huge support system and fan base which support him at concerts and social media, thats basically where it ends. Lil Yachty’s music does not make it on the radio much which means he must rely on social media sites to stay relevant, Such as Twitter, Instagram, Sound Cloud, Spinrilla and other music apps. Having this much success purely with the power of the media and social media show how truly powerful of a tool they are.



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