The way music has evolved

Music and music stars have transformed since they were first introduced into the world. The way music was spread around has evolved too. it went from radios to twitter, Instagram, snap chat, etc.  Back then it was much harder for people to rise to fame due to the lack of publicity, but now our society has so many different ways that can help you publicize yourself. For example, appearing on T.V. shows back in the day would help you to your fame, but now we have  YouTube and if used correctly, you can become easily famous. In this day in time we have shows like The Voice and American Idol that can exploit your talent.

Music Celebrities have the biggest impact on the society today. From B.B. King to artists such as Drake, Young thug, and Chris Brown, the sound of music has definitely changed in a drastic way. From the blues and classical rock to now hip hop and R&B music, music stars really have changed the game. Music these days is just a trend. If one song or album gets showcased really good then everybody is going to start listening to their song or album. It’s the same way with fashion: if NBA player Russell Westbrook wore some kind of fancy attire and you like Russell and their clothing gets marketed then you are going to imitate him and try to dress as if you were him.

Due to the invention of social media, we know all about celebrity drama and what they’re up to. Instagram, Snap Chat, and Twitter allows us to follow up with your favorite artist and you can possibly even see when they will be dropping a new song, album, or mixtape. Back in the older days, you would have to wake til a band came on the radio or something in order to hear their new stuff. With social media i was able to view solange beating up Jay-Z in the elevator, i was able to see Kanye West take the spotlight from Taylor Swift and completely embarrass her, i was also able to see rappers argue with each other like the feud between Drake and Meek Mill.

I still believe that today the quality of music is what keeps people going. It comes down to where if you are popular outside of social media and if your song is good. People love good music that they can connect to, so if an artist creates a good song that relates to them then they will show interest in them and that is how people become favoring rappers. For Example, my favorite artist would happen to be Aubrey “Drake” Griffin. Coming from a hit show called Degrassi, Drake has evolved from an actor to an artist that makes number one hits and has top songs on the billboards. He makes songs that everyone can relate to.  What makes Drake my favorite rapper is his style of music. He is not the typical rapper or singer, he combines soul, hip hop, and jazz into all of music and he is really unpredictable, you never know what is coming next. Just like on his album “Nothing was the Same”, he had a mixture of genres of music. Songs like “The Language” differs from songs like “Connect”. “The Language” is more of an upbeat song and could be categorized as a rap song but a song like “Connect” is more of a slow-paced song that you could relate to and that is what makes Drake ls good.

Even though Music has definitely evolved since the 1920’s, we still hear a little of music that was popular back then combined with songs now; and Drake is well-known for that. Social media plays a big role in the music industry and the artist. How else would we be able to follow up with certain artist and see what they are up to ? I know that sounds kind of creepy but still it is beneficial and it’ s an advantage that people did not have during the 1920’s.


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