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Change in the Media

Well I’m going to start out by saying that I have no idea what I should talk about and that the topic I did choose I know hardly anything about.

I decided to talk about the Presidential Election, because I kind of know something’s about it from hearing people talk and I know the topic irritates people. The Presidential Election is always a debatable topic and most people usually hate the election season, especially this election cause nobody really likes either of the two candidates.

The use of social networking has changed dramatically over the course of the different elections. For example if when you’re on you tube and you’re trying to watch videos it seems that the only advertisements on are of the election. One time last week or the week before I was on you tube and the advertisement was the election right after the other, five consecutive times.

The only way it seems to be improving is allowing the candidates to promote themselves and advertise more, and irritate people more effectively. It’s hampering because nobody wants to see these videos over and over again.

Not really sure what else to put. Not my best blog post. It was rather difficult to figure out what to talk about. So if you read this, I am sorry that you wasted your time.


Television and The Influence it Has On Me.

In a three day span I have watched a total of just over 14 hours of movies, three seasons of television and 64 music videos. Out of which  I would say 75% of which dealt with or depicted/glorified violence and a general lack of morality. It has been two days since I documented this and I think it is a good time to reflect on a sample selection of the violent debauchery filled material and see what effect it had on me.

Rick and Morty:

Why I watched : I like Sci-fi and cartoons.

Rick and Morty is a modern day Sci-fi cartoon on adult swim. It mixes grotesque violence with complex scientific theories.This is a simplified description it is a fairly deep show but the basic premise is Morty an awkward teenage boy and his alcoholic grandfather  go through wacky adventures. This show doesn’t deal with any issues other than a few jokes here and there.  It is very up front with violence and is rated TV-MA.

Jimi: All is By My Side

Why I watched : I’m a huge fan of both Andre Benjamin and Jimi Hendrix.

Jimi is a feature length movie depicting the life of Jimi Hendrix The movie shows sex, drug use, and some violence. I would say the end message is a positive one. The journey has more than a few controversial moments rated R.

Alien ( 1979)

Why I watched : To write a review for a separate school project.

Alien is a classic movie that first mixed horror and sci-fi it is gore filled with extreme violence and is absolutely terrifying. The monster in alien designed by H.R. Giger is made specifically to imply rape. Obviously rated R.

The Good, The Bad and The Weird

Why I watched: Recommended by a friend.

The last movie on the list is the most lighthearted and also filled with the most death and murder. This is a really interesting Korean film (on Netflix) that is definitely worth a watch. It is an almost pure action film with a western twist filled with shoot outs and fight scenes. Also rated R.

So, what have I done in the two days since watching these shows? well nothing really. It is safe to say all of these shows/movies are over pouring with violence and after seeing them all in a three day span it has made me no more violent than I have ever been. When talking about media creating violence I think it is entirely possible for media to effect someone who is already mentally unstable, such was the case of John Hinckley and Taxi Driver. But, violence in media has no effect on regular people. Media is used as a scapegoat anytime something bad happens because it is an easy target. I don’t feel any different after watching these shows. The intention of movies are not to make people want to commit crimes it is to make people feel and in a lot of cases it isn’t even to make people feel but simply just to entertain.


Over the past few years I generally have been watching the same shows over and over again. So with this particular assignment that my instructor has given me, it was kind of different. I went from watching shows like Family Guy, American Dad, and the Flash, to a new show called Black-ish. For whoever watches this show everyday or every time a new episode comes out, they know about the influences it could possibly have on people. I haven’t watched this show for a long time and I already start to feel a change on how I view society. This shows doesn’t exactly come off as being a racist show or being prejudice but it does take some of the events that’s happening in the world and uses them in their shows in a humorous way. When i was watching one episode, it shows how a car is full of 3 black males and they get pulled over by a white cop. The driver’s first instinct was to run and he did but in more of a humorous way saying that he wasn’t going to get shot.

Now in the world we live in, that is a major event that is happening. White cop on black male has been a dangerous and common thing that has been happening and I am not here to justify the rights and wrongs, I’m just here to let you know the influences of the show Black-ish. Just by the name alone, you would think that this show is just for African Americans but it is not. In order to get ratings and get more viewers, the producers make shows that people are going to be interested in and keep watching. This show covers everything such as politics, stories, news, events, tragedies, etc.; but it’s all in a humorous way so people would laugh and not take it serious and not to get me wrong; but people love to laugh. Laughing is just what people need and by this show coming on at 8 o’clock, it’s the perfect time for people to wind down and have a good laugh to end their night and that’s what keeps bringing people back to this show and that is what producers want.

The Scoop on Sports Television

As a former baseball player, no matter how busy my schedule is, I tend to tune into important games such as the World Series. For those who may not know which teams are in the current 2016 World Series, the teams consist of the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians. I have been observing the Chicago Cubs closely from the beginning of the season, through the first half of the playoffs, and during the World Series. Describing this certain teams impact on the baseball nation would be defined as hopeful in my opinion. The reason I say this is simply because the Cubs haven’t been to a world series since 1945. With a seventy-one year hiatus, this team has been out of the mix for a very long time. This specifically is important in the matter that Chicago is immensely in love with their Cubs and having not been to the greatest platform baseball has to offer for many years. It is about time their team has made it. There goes a story that a man once brought his pet goat to the 1945 World Series and placed a “curse” on the team.

The impact that this has had on sports and baseball is tremendous due to the history of the teams past. I believe that television has been closely watching the team providing every social news the team has to offer. Whether it is focusing in on their top players like Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, or Jake Arrieta, the players are the main focus with the potential of winning the 2016 World Series.

Watching this specific sport has had a huge impact on me with the “what if” the team pulls it off and wins. Will the “curse” be lifted and was it all just some made up belief that the team was never going to be the best team in baseball again? We will never know until the series is played out. Although I have been watching the team play for a few months now, the next few days will be more interesting than not. Myself and many people all over the country have the opportunity to witness history. As for now, it is in the hands of the Cubs to make it a story tell ending.

Televisions Effect on Youth

Usually I only watch inside edition in the evening time to try to stay in the loop on things that are happening and listen to cartoons before I go to bed to take my mind off thinking about life. But this week I did something a little different.

Instead of just listening to the cartoons before I went to bed I actually watched them. I found it kind of angering. Adult swim has a lot of cartoons that are not for a young audience but I know for a fact that most kids stay up past 9pm and that this is what they are now exposed to. After watching Bobs Burgers, Family Guy, and American Dad I somehow recognized how they acted. Weird voices and strange comments that my brother had said flashed in my brain. He was learning from them.Here is a video of two children watching the intro to a cartoon called Fanboy and Chumchum. This crazy cartoon has the children acting like the characters and even mimicking their voices

Another channel that I used in those three days was Netflix. I watched a show called The Black Mirror that sparked my brain into thinking in different ways. These episodes are not at all linked and they all make you think. One episode that I found myself thinking about throughout the day was about a world where everyone had a rank out of 5. When you looked at someone you could see their name and how highthey were ranked. I found it interesting because the people that were ranked low were pretty much shunned. They couldn’t even get into some areas like an airport or even their job if they were 2.9 or below. This forced people to act fake to keep their ranking high. I just thought it was interesting because it made me realize that even now without those rankings some people think that way. Todays generation is all about how many followers you have and how people see you and if you have to act or look fake to get more likes or followers more than likely that is what you are going to do.


Another episode that stood out was one that dealt with electronic flies. A guy hacked into the flies database and made them attack certain people. After a while it turned into like a vote on social media of who would die next. People would go on things like face book and Twitter and use the hashtag #Deathto and type who they wanted to die and at a certain time that day whoever was voted number one was said to get attacked by the flies thus being painfully murdered. This just goes to show how harsh people can be online. It made me realize that this also happens everyday as well. People go online and bully and think that they can say anything they want because they have the safety of being behind a screen and this can emotionally murder the victim


I also decided to give some zombie shows a chance. I watched a couple of episodes of The Walking Dead and also started watching iZombie. These were just some things that opened my imagination up to the possibility of life after death. It helped me see how life would be without all of the luxuries and stuff being handed to me. It reminded me of how people used to live. You have to find a place to stay, food, and defend yourself against animals that lurked in the darkness.


The point is is that things like television, social media, and other channels effect us even if we don’t realize it. Monitoring what you and any young children in the household watch is very important. This is the exact reason why channel restrictions were invented. It is better to block the channel than to deal with the negative effect some shows may apply.

Video Influencing

th.jpgRecently I’ve been watching a series on Amazon Video, called MR.ROBOT its a show about a young man who works at a cyber security firm from 9-5 and than at night he is a hacker. His mission throughout the series is hacking into the most powerful company that runs the whole country. The reason for doing such criminal act, so it erases everyone’s debts causing them stress in their lives. I believe the influence in this show is that companies in this country are also able to take over a lot of this world today. It may seem crazy however there are companies today that impact us on our everyday lives, for example Walmart has been the top of the food chain driving companies out of business because of there very low prices. Apple also is a huge market in the us, the majority of people I have met in college either own an Iphone or an apple product. There are many companies that I think will be “monopolies” in the near future making them the only source/service we use so that we are controlled by just one company. The reason I chose to watch the series was the trailer I watched really influenced me by today’s society with big companies taking over the smaller businesses, and learning how it was displayed on TV. Mr. Robot touched the issue off economic troubles by letting us know the debt we are facing from student loans, medical bills, and other credit cards expenses added up. It’s technological issues also describe ways we  can be hacked through ways we’ve never imagined, in the series peoples information was given unauthorized access by inserting disc, using flash drives and etc. download

Currently I’ve been watching a You-tuber named Nobiggytv, who’s videos are mainly based off today’s current events. Hes necessarily going over stuff that influences us and makes into an entertainment. One of his videos was a test drop involving a pumpkin (Halloween is coming up) and an Iphone 7, he is a smart you-tuber giving the people content they want to see. The reason I watch it is for the entertainment and his blog is pretty well set up he revolves it around what people my demographic relate to. He also involves social experiments trying to see if its actually true what society believes. In the video he tests that out he dresses up a bum in one and tries to get girls numbers, as expected didn’t go very well. Opposed to a male dressing up a successful businessmen he was more attractive to the female audience. Just by putting those two prospective it was obvious that people are facing social dilemmas by the way they appear and approach to others.












Media’s Influence On Me

In the last week, I have exposed myself to different types of shows surrounding television, Netflix, and YouTube. It is surprising how different one channel can be from another. The reason it may be so different to me is that I usually have revolved around sports channels and haven’t “broaden my horizons” in a sense. I was just browsing through my TV and YouTube, and the media presented attracts to certain niches. With watching different things like what was currently trending on YouTube or even watching the news channel a person can tell that the commercials are targeted to certain demographics. If these commercials or channels are the determining factors to sway someone’s decision I do not know, but for me, even in my niche of sports, I have not swayed either way to get or think a different way because of media presented.

The big change that I was watching during the week was news. Local and National news pretty much having the same demographics. With shows like Today there were a lot of political commercials during breaks, but also there were also prescription medication commercials and commercials to just improve one’s health. Assuming that, the people they target are older retired people or stay at home parents because it is on in the middle of the day. Also, I watched my local news channel, and again the political commercials were on rapid fire, and they didn’t do anything to sway my decision in the race anyway, so I tried to just ignore them. There was also some restaurant commercials and other things that were my directed towards a family audience because primetime TV was about to be on. I also watched Sunday Night Football which is on that news channel, but it had the same type of commercials as a sports channel with family “primetime” commercials mixed in. As a college student, the commercials and content didn’t affect me as I think it would older people or a family. I decided to watch the news because I thought it would be a different change of pace, I also thought it would be different to be updated with current events through tv other than social media, and I wanted to see how much it reflected the election which was the main topic even on our local news channel.

Another channel I watched was my usual, which is ESPN. I watched the talk shows during the week that just discuss current events in sports which I find interesting, and generate easy small talk.  Shows like Around the Horn, Sportsnation, and Pardon the Interruption are personal favorites, and again the commercials are generally reflected by the audience because the marketers want to hit that demographic of people. Simple commercials as promoting an event that is happening on that channel would appear, and a lot of “masculine” commercials with trucks and tools were frequent, and finally, a lot of alcohol commercials appeared during that time. Reason being is that the time I watch these shows in the timeframe deemed, “Happy Hour”, by ESPN, which makes it understandable why there were so many alcohol commercials. Also, political commercials did air more Trump than Hilary which seems weird to me, but the commercials were not as frequent as a news channel. I am sometimes swayed to watch the other events on the channel, but I wouldn’t go buy a truck or anything else based on the commercial, but I think that the demographic of those channels is apparent. I wanted to watch this because it is an easy control group to compare other parts of the media I haven’t been as much as in tune too.

Another big thing that I tried was just going on YouTube, and clicking the trending videos tab. These are supposedly the hottest videos of that day. You would think that this would reflect basically the entire population of people on YouTube. Which it could, but most of it was political debating or a newscast about the debate which I find interesting because I do not think that is what most people go online to search about. I could be wrong, but there were other things like from late night shows with Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden or even learning videos about a certain subject Also, there were music videos on there too with other pop culture things scattered. Even in the trending category, though it seems as if the certain niches were under their own heading which was weird because no matter what video you clicked on it seemed to me that no matter what the content of the video it was, I was going to get a political ad or an ad for the Google phone. That was basically it. I find it funny because in TV usually, the ads are in a certain niche channel for a certain demographic where on YouTube you had two different options for ads a political one or the advertisement for the phone. It is interesting because sometimes the content had no real connection to it, but the media may have had a deal in place where that would happen. I thought YouTube would be even more diverse in the ads, but it was limited which was interesting to what I have learned about ads. YouTube differed from TV, but in the opposite direction, I thought it would go with my thought process thinking it would expand the demographics. Instead of limiting the demographics more.

I think that the theme that you watch a station for determines how the marketing goes for that channel which is why so many people watch only certain channels. For news, it is to get information out there which may be biased or not, but the people it is presented to they enjoy that aspect. It is the same with sports just more revolving around information in a certain area instead of worldwide. The purpose trying to inform people, and make decisions on it after. YouTube is a little different because you may end up watching a video that you never thought you would with the recommendation system, but I think that the purpose for that can be a variety of reasons but mainly to entertain. All these channels and mediums touched on the election, and that seemed to be a driving force which it should with the election coming up, but usually on other times the ads and content are more diverse.

Exposing myself to other stations shows me how diverse people are even on what shows we watch. Certain people get certain ads, and others get certain information, which makes this world small but big at the same time. It is different from watching something you are used to watching a recommended show or channel because a person is not used to it. I do not think different platforms would sway me on anything, but I do see how channels attempt to do such an act.

video and it’s possible effects

Over the course of the weekend some of the movies or video outlets I have viewed included the movies Angels and Demons, Quigley Down Under, and Ultraviolet, athletic broadcasts of college and professional football, and the show The Big Bang Theory. One thing to note is the range of these genres, but most have one thing in common in that they were watched for entertainment purposes. Sadly, not being much of a sports person the football games were primarily due to the fact that they were not my choice, but the choice of others.

An underlying theme is in doing what a person believes is right, whether that is trying to find the truth behind things as is in Angels and Demons, or fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves as in Quigley Down Under and Ultraviolet.

That being said the media we choose will in fact have an impact on us, there are two ways that this can be demonstrated. These two ideas are demonstrated in Albert Bandura’s bobo doll experiment. The main problem with this is that as adults, or young adults we understand behaviors that should or shouldn’t be mimicked, as we would have as young children. The second idea is that of priming in which we subconsciously can be influenced by simple things.

With these ideas the possibility that the media we watch influences us is almost guaranteed whether we realize or acknowledge these influences though is the hard part.

Video Influnce

My t.v selection has been very limited over the past year, however for this project I have made an effort to watch t.v over the last few days and take notes on them. Normally I only watch football and basketball but for this I watched old show that I use to watch, so in addition to basketball and football I also have been watching Family Guy, South Park, American Dad, Boondocks,Naruto and Bleach.

Several of the shows have an influence on people and they also talk about many issues even tho most times they are poking fun at it, it helps ease some tension up about the events or issues. Like how American dad talks about things like the government and secret government agents. Or how family guy talks about political and environment issues.

However the show I want to focus on was The Boondocks, they deal with many issues, but the main one is racism and this is very relevant with the world today as well as in our class.  It has hints or racism when they make fun of one the charters for being black and having a white wife and a mixed child. In addition to that there is a black charter who hates all other blacks, as well as the show uses the “n” word quite frequently.

Why I dont feel that this show influences people to be racist, it also makes light of the situation so people may feel that is okay. I feel the only way people could really be influence to become racist  from this show is if they were already a little racist and they feel that this show made it okay.

The Influence of Videos





My involvement with TV or modern shows while at William Penn has been very brief. I have a busy schedule to thank for that. Although, I’ve been entertained elsewhere I still find some time to watch Videos through one outlet. Netflix is where I got to watch shows that interest me when I have the time. I do not watch many shows, but the ones I do have an impact on my feelings after watching them. This I think is part of the medias plan to get you to come back time after time so they can make more revenue. The more feelings you have after a episode or video the better because you’ll come back even if they’re not the ones you want. Examples of these shows for me have been American Horror Story and Bates Motel. Both shows have multiple seasons on Netflix and portray a somewhat similar theme towards its audience. I would explain this theme as no other than cringe worthy  and confusion for what the characters motives are. These shows unlike any other have a dark side to them which slowly comes out to you as a viewer. Even tho you don’t like whats being revealed to you each episode you come back because its very entertaining and you cant find it anywhere else. Death and how its dealt is a popular thought for each episode and fuels the fire for both shows. AHS latest season Hotel stars Lady Gaga as a bloodthirsty vampire that literally runs everything in her hotel. Throat slicing is in every single scene and is hard to watch with blood spewing everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Once again this is part of the plan to get you come back which the do successfully with their large fan base. Bates Motel is more of a realistic show with the plot being a mother who only wants the best for her son and will do anything to protect him. Maybe she cares a little to much because they sleep in the same bed a lot. If that doesn’t give you and idea of what bates motel is about then maybe the fact that Normans brothers dad is his moms brother. Both shows are unique in there own way, but get the job done when it comes to bringing in viewers. I made the choice to watch these shows based on what I heard from the media coverage and what I heard from friends.That being said the shows keep bringing me back and that’s what the producers want.