How I heard about Kid Rock

I was in my late teen age years when the beastie  boys arrived on the scene in the mid- nineteen eighties so white rock rappers were nothing new to me. But when I first heard an artist going by the name of “kid rock” being introduced to me through the music video “Bawitdaba” from the devil without a cause album in 1998 I was hooked. I admired his brash in your face style the I don’t give a flying f about what anyone thinks about me, reminiscent of punk rock and other high level genres from the 1970’s and 80’s.

So I began to study and research the man that goes by the name kid rock, the first thing I found out was his real name is Rob Ritchie then his birthday took me by surprise turns out that we both share January 17th as our birthday although I am five years older. I knew there had to be a reason why I found myself fascinated with his music and him as a person.

Although his claim to fame started with rock rap he branched out in other genres such as country and southern style rock. According to “Wikipedia” his 1998 Album Devil without a cause sold fourteen million copies world- wide he is a five time Grammy Award nominee and has also sold twenty five million albums in the U.S according to “Nielson Sound-Scan”

I don’t see him fading into the background anytime soon because he appears to have a lot of stamina and is not a one hit wonder or some cheesy pop star created on you tube who may or may not last in the long run. There is only one kid rock.


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