What I Watch and Why

This past week I’ve been keeping track of what videos I’ve been watching and I’ve noticed I watch a abundance of sports related videos.  The MLB postseason is going on so I have been watching a lot of baseball. I watch baseball because I love the game. Baseball has been apart of my life since I could pick up a ball so that is the main reason I watch the sport.  I enjoy analyzing what certain players do off the action, the mental side.  I see what works for what players, like the Texas Ranger Shortstop-Third Base tandem of Elvis Andrus and Adrian Beltre. They pull pranks on each other, talk in between pitches, and keep it loose throughout the entire game. In contrast to that there is Jake Peavy, pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, who is always fired up and plays with high intensity.  He is seen yelling at himself into his glove if he makes a bad pitch or throwing up his hands if one of his teammates makes an error.  I am influenced by watching baseball because I try to emulate certain players and bring the mentality they show on television to my game.  Matt Cain, another pitcher for the Giants, is someone I try to be like. He is stoic on the mound and you can’t tell if he has given up five runs or is pitching a no hitter.

Another platform I watch is videos on YouTube. I follow a YouTuber called Toke, who post videos of him playing all different kinds of sports games like; Madden 17, NBA 2k17, MLB The Show, and many more.  I started watching his channel because I was considering buying MLB The Show but wanted to see some game play first. What made me stay was his hilarious antics throughout all his videos and his incorporation with songs and sound effects that make his videos so funny. He creates these videos because he loves playing video games and people love to see his reactions to the game. He also works with developers and advertisers of the games to help sell the games he plays which works because,  once I saw how much fun he was having playing MLB it influenced me to buy it for myself.  Lately, Toke has created a movement, that he expresses on some of his videos, to make pack openings, when you open in game packs to try and get special players, in Madden 17 more fair for the average player who can’t spend a lot of time playing the game, thus helping EA sports create a better game for the masses.

Netflix is also a huge part of what I watch, specifically the shows Supernatural and any Marvel of DC comic series. With Supernatural I find the correlation between the bible and the monsters they are fighting very amusing but also the theme of brotherhood that is apparent in every episode. With the comic series the theme that anyone can be a hero is definitely huge and I find that appealing.  I find that I am influenced by these shows in my everyday life. Brotherhood is a massive part of sports and using what Sam and Dean teach us in the show can be used on the field. Also the thought that anyone can be a hero can be used in everyday life with just simple tasks as holding a door for someone that has their hands full, or helping someone that is struggling in class get the grade they want.Videos, television shows, and sporting events have a huge impact on my life because it influences me in many different ways. That is why I watch what I watch, because it provides a variety of new thing I can use in any aspect of my life




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