Media Influence on Me

Over the past few days on been taking some notes about the kinds of media that I expose myself to, and some of it that I cannot escape from. I have found out that I watch a lot of comedy related videos, so much so that my Xbox has given me an achievement for watching this genre of video. When I actually sit down and try to watch a series, I can not really get into it if I don’t have someone else to discuss it with. If I don’t have another person with me, I find myself not paying attention to it. These revelations are not shocking, but it is good to know what gets my attention and keeps me paying attention, and not just using it for background noise.

At the time of this writing, I am watching two series. Those being the HBO show Game of Thrones and a show called Wakfu that is on Netflix. The reason I started watching Game of Thrones is my friends said it was great. I bought the first season and started watching the show with my Mom. We are both huge fans of fantasy style shows and great stories, and since we can discuss it and binge watch it. We have become huge fans of the show and are currently on the fourth season. Wakfu is a show that was probably aimed more at kids. The main reason I started watching it is because my best friend and I were scrolling through Netflix looking for some mindless entertainment. To our surprise the show was good and we have been watching ever since.

When I’m alone and trying to find something to watch, I tend to watch a lot of Youtube. One of my favorite people is watch is Vanossgaming and his circle of friends. Mainly to see what type of games are around and what type of shenanigans they can get into. It also makes for some great background noise when doing homework. Other than that they try to avoid any big issues and focus on entertainment. When I want to watch a political themed show that touches on current issues. I watch people like John Oliver, who uploads clips from his HBO show, Last Week Tonight.  The main reason I watch him is that he takes a comedic role in his telling of events, but he is not afraid to be serious. His coverage of the election has helped me keep up to date on what the candidates stances are. Another person I watch on Youtube is Philip Defranco. He is like John Oliver and is not afraid to tackle big issues, although he is mainly on the Internet side of things. His channel helps me stay up to date on a lot of issues. These two influence me because I share a lot of their opinions. I also love how they give their fan base a forum of discussion. Whether the issue is online censorship or migrant refugees, these two provide me with entertainment and knowledge.

Speaking of political shows, the advertisements for this election have started to drive me crazy.Every video that I have watched over the past three days has been started by a Trump or Clinton ad. The main influence here is that I feel like I could recite the script of these ads perfectly. These adverts have played so much that my mine just blocks them out at this point. Which is something that shouldn’t happen, I feel like the ads need to grab my attention and try to get me to support one of them. When the ads plays twenty times in a day though, I start to loose focus on it.

So that was my experience of media over the past few days. The main reason all this is online is because I don’t have cable television. Overall the influence that this type of media has on me is a positive one. I feel entertain, informed, and have something to discuss in conversation.


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