Over the past few years I generally have been watching the same shows over and over again. So with this particular assignment that my instructor has given me, it was kind of different. I went from watching shows like Family Guy, American Dad, and the Flash, to a new show called Black-ish. For whoever watches this show everyday or every time a new episode comes out, they know about the influences it could possibly have on people. I haven’t watched this show for a long time and I already start to feel a change on how I view society. This shows doesn’t exactly come off as being a racist show or being prejudice but it does take some of the events that’s happening in the world and uses them in their shows in a humorous way. When i was watching one episode, it shows how a car is full of 3 black males and they get pulled over by a white cop. The driver’s first instinct was to run and he did but in more of a humorous way saying that he wasn’t going to get shot.

Now in the world we live in, that is a major event that is happening. White cop on black male has been a dangerous and common thing that has been happening and I am not here to justify the rights and wrongs, I’m just here to let you know the influences of the show Black-ish. Just by the name alone, you would think that this show is just for African Americans but it is not. In order to get ratings and get more viewers, the producers make shows that people are going to be interested in and keep watching. This show covers everything such as politics, stories, news, events, tragedies, etc.; but it’s all in a humorous way so people would laugh and not take it serious and not to get me wrong; but people love to laugh. Laughing is just what people need and by this show coming on at 8 o’clock, it’s the perfect time for people to wind down and have a good laugh to end their night and that’s what keeps bringing people back to this show and that is what producers want.


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