Televisions Effect on Youth

Usually I only watch inside edition in the evening time to try to stay in the loop on things that are happening and listen to cartoons before I go to bed to take my mind off thinking about life. But this week I did something a little different.

Instead of just listening to the cartoons before I went to bed I actually watched them. I found it kind of angering. Adult swim has a lot of cartoons that are not for a young audience but I know for a fact that most kids stay up past 9pm and that this is what they are now exposed to. After watching Bobs Burgers, Family Guy, and American Dad I somehow recognized how they acted. Weird voices and strange comments that my brother had said flashed in my brain. He was learning from them.Here is a video of two children watching the intro to a cartoon called Fanboy and Chumchum. This crazy cartoon has the children acting like the characters and even mimicking their voices

Another channel that I used in those three days was Netflix. I watched a show called The Black Mirror that sparked my brain into thinking in different ways. These episodes are not at all linked and they all make you think. One episode that I found myself thinking about throughout the day was about a world where everyone had a rank out of 5. When you looked at someone you could see their name and how highthey were ranked. I found it interesting because the people that were ranked low were pretty much shunned. They couldn’t even get into some areas like an airport or even their job if they were 2.9 or below. This forced people to act fake to keep their ranking high. I just thought it was interesting because it made me realize that even now without those rankings some people think that way. Todays generation is all about how many followers you have and how people see you and if you have to act or look fake to get more likes or followers more than likely that is what you are going to do.


Another episode that stood out was one that dealt with electronic flies. A guy hacked into the flies database and made them attack certain people. After a while it turned into like a vote on social media of who would die next. People would go on things like face book and Twitter and use the hashtag #Deathto and type who they wanted to die and at a certain time that day whoever was voted number one was said to get attacked by the flies thus being painfully murdered. This just goes to show how harsh people can be online. It made me realize that this also happens everyday as well. People go online and bully and think that they can say anything they want because they have the safety of being behind a screen and this can emotionally murder the victim


I also decided to give some zombie shows a chance. I watched a couple of episodes of The Walking Dead and also started watching iZombie. These were just some things that opened my imagination up to the possibility of life after death. It helped me see how life would be without all of the luxuries and stuff being handed to me. It reminded me of how people used to live. You have to find a place to stay, food, and defend yourself against animals that lurked in the darkness.


The point is is that things like television, social media, and other channels effect us even if we don’t realize it. Monitoring what you and any young children in the household watch is very important. This is the exact reason why channel restrictions were invented. It is better to block the channel than to deal with the negative effect some shows may apply.


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