The Influence of Videos





My involvement with TV or modern shows while at William Penn has been very brief. I have a busy schedule to thank for that. Although, I’ve been entertained elsewhere I still find some time to watch Videos through one outlet. Netflix is where I got to watch shows that interest me when I have the time. I do not watch many shows, but the ones I do have an impact on my feelings after watching them. This I think is part of the medias plan to get you to come back time after time so they can make more revenue. The more feelings you have after a episode or video the better because you’ll come back even if they’re not the ones you want. Examples of these shows for me have been American Horror Story and Bates Motel. Both shows have multiple seasons on Netflix and portray a somewhat similar theme towards its audience. I would explain this theme as no other than cringe worthy  and confusion for what the characters motives are. These shows unlike any other have a dark side to them which slowly comes out to you as a viewer. Even tho you don’t like whats being revealed to you each episode you come back because its very entertaining and you cant find it anywhere else. Death and how its dealt is a popular thought for each episode and fuels the fire for both shows. AHS latest season Hotel stars Lady Gaga as a bloodthirsty vampire that literally runs everything in her hotel. Throat slicing is in every single scene and is hard to watch with blood spewing everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Once again this is part of the plan to get you come back which the do successfully with their large fan base. Bates Motel is more of a realistic show with the plot being a mother who only wants the best for her son and will do anything to protect him. Maybe she cares a little to much because they sleep in the same bed a lot. If that doesn’t give you and idea of what bates motel is about then maybe the fact that Normans brothers dad is his moms brother. Both shows are unique in there own way, but get the job done when it comes to bringing in viewers. I made the choice to watch these shows based on what I heard from the media coverage and what I heard from friends.That being said the shows keep bringing me back and that’s what the producers want.










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