The messages behind Television production

This week, like most of the weeks that have passed, i was exposed to many videos and programs. With the new rise in technology and innovations on the television sector, the entire population is now entirely exposed to many different kinds of videos and messages in visual form. This has made a great impact on how people think, act, judge, criticize or even live. Don’t get me wrong, im not saying that videos and TV shows control people’s lives, no, its a matter of influence and intent.

Although companies and employers try to make the most visually attractive and well produced videos and television content for the population and their viewers, but it is hard to accept that such content is only for entertainment purposes, in my opinion. All those companies and workers, they work towards a goal or an objective and this can vary in many ways. However, not all purposes behind the content are explicit and in our faces, they are hidden and implicit on ideas that the population needs to focus and understand in order to fully comprehend the message or idea behind these videos.

Not only this week, I have watched and been exposed to many videos, TV shows, commercials, and many other types of television because I am very curious and interested in these topics and ideas behind the production of this content. I always force myself to try and figure out or understand the meaning behind the shows and videos I watch daily. For example, this week i have watched:

  • A commercial for the new “Call of Duty” video game.
  • Snapchat
  • Youtube videos of a video game championship.
  • LeBron James’ commercial for Nike.
  • TV show “The Walking Dead”
  • and my personal favorite, TV show “Person of Interest”

Although all these videos i’ve watched this week have a meaning and purpose behind the intended message, I would like to take some words to fully explain and talk about the TV show “Person of Interest”. This television program centers around a two main characters, Harold Finch and John Reese, which both had problems with the government after working for them for years. Finch developed a computer program that can track all emails, surveillance cameras, phone calls and all personal communications and visual medium in america and use the information given to find and predict attacks and events that are a threat to the national security of The United States of America. Finch finds out that although the machine tracks down the threats to national security, the threats that are not to national security end up being forgotten and nothing is done to the matter and he can not sit down and watch while people get murder and kidnapped. He leaves the government’s employment and is presumed dead, when he finds a person that can help him with such dangerous adventures. The idea behind the show and how it covers so many conspiracy theories is alarming because of the fact that the series was made right after the horrible attacks on the Twin Towers in 9/11. I seriously love the show because it is one of the shows that i saw that has the most amount of omitted messages in the content and a lot of information and ideas behind the thoughts and actions of modern day society. I truly recommend you to watch the show and be as perplexed as i was, when i tried to figure out the intentions behind this wonderful show.


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