video and it’s possible effects

Over the course of the weekend some of the movies or video outlets I have viewed included the movies Angels and Demons, Quigley Down Under, and Ultraviolet, athletic broadcasts of college and professional football, and the show The Big Bang Theory. One thing to note is the range of these genres, but most have one thing in common in that they were watched for entertainment purposes. Sadly, not being much of a sports person the football games were primarily due to the fact that they were not my choice, but the choice of others.

An underlying theme is in doing what a person believes is right, whether that is trying to find the truth behind things as is in Angels and Demons, or fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves as in Quigley Down Under and Ultraviolet.

That being said the media we choose will in fact have an impact on us, there are two ways that this can be demonstrated. These two ideas are demonstrated in Albert Bandura’s bobo doll experiment. The main problem with this is that as adults, or young adults we understand behaviors that should or shouldn’t be mimicked, as we would have as young children. The second idea is that of priming in which we subconsciously can be influenced by simple things.

With these ideas the possibility that the media we watch influences us is almost guaranteed whether we realize or acknowledge these influences though is the hard part.


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