Video Influencing

th.jpgRecently I’ve been watching a series on Amazon Video, called MR.ROBOT its a show about a young man who works at a cyber security firm from 9-5 and than at night he is a hacker. His mission throughout the series is hacking into the most powerful company that runs the whole country. The reason for doing such criminal act, so it erases everyone’s debts causing them stress in their lives. I believe the influence in this show is that companies in this country are also able to take over a lot of this world today. It may seem crazy however there are companies today that impact us on our everyday lives, for example Walmart has been the top of the food chain driving companies out of business because of there very low prices. Apple also is a huge market in the us, the majority of people I have met in college either own an Iphone or an apple product. There are many companies that I think will be “monopolies” in the near future making them the only source/service we use so that we are controlled by just one company. The reason I chose to watch the series was the trailer I watched really influenced me by today’s society with big companies taking over the smaller businesses, and learning how it was displayed on TV. Mr. Robot touched the issue off economic troubles by letting us know the debt we are facing from student loans, medical bills, and other credit cards expenses added up. It’s technological issues also describe ways we  can be hacked through ways we’ve never imagined, in the series peoples information was given unauthorized access by inserting disc, using flash drives and etc. download

Currently I’ve been watching a You-tuber named Nobiggytv, who’s videos are mainly based off today’s current events. Hes necessarily going over stuff that influences us and makes into an entertainment. One of his videos was a test drop involving a pumpkin (Halloween is coming up) and an Iphone 7, he is a smart you-tuber giving the people content they want to see. The reason I watch it is for the entertainment and his blog is pretty well set up he revolves it around what people my demographic relate to. He also involves social experiments trying to see if its actually true what society believes. In the video he tests that out he dresses up a bum in one and tries to get girls numbers, as expected didn’t go very well. Opposed to a male dressing up a successful businessmen he was more attractive to the female audience. Just by putting those two prospective it was obvious that people are facing social dilemmas by the way they appear and approach to others.













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