Video Influnce

My t.v selection has been very limited over the past year, however for this project I have made an effort to watch t.v over the last few days and take notes on them. Normally I only watch football and basketball but for this I watched old show that I use to watch, so in addition to basketball and football I also have been watching Family Guy, South Park, American Dad, Boondocks,Naruto and Bleach.

Several of the shows have an influence on people and they also talk about many issues even tho most times they are poking fun at it, it helps ease some tension up about the events or issues. Like how American dad talks about things like the government and secret government agents. Or how family guy talks about political and environment issues.

However the show I want to focus on was The Boondocks, they deal with many issues, but the main one is racism and this is very relevant with the world today as well as in our class.  It has hints or racism when they make fun of one the charters for being black and having a white wife and a mixed child. In addition to that there is a black charter who hates all other blacks, as well as the show uses the “n” word quite frequently.

Why I dont feel that this show influences people to be racist, it also makes light of the situation so people may feel that is okay. I feel the only way people could really be influence to become racist  from this show is if they were already a little racist and they feel that this show made it okay.


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