Television and The Influence it Has On Me.

In a three day span I have watched a total of just over 14 hours of movies, three seasons of television and 64 music videos. Out of which  I would say 75% of which dealt with or depicted/glorified violence and a general lack of morality. It has been two days since I documented this and I think it is a good time to reflect on a sample selection of the violent debauchery filled material and see what effect it had on me.

Rick and Morty:

Why I watched : I like Sci-fi and cartoons.

Rick and Morty is a modern day Sci-fi cartoon on adult swim. It mixes grotesque violence with complex scientific theories.This is a simplified description it is a fairly deep show but the basic premise is Morty an awkward teenage boy and his alcoholic grandfather  go through wacky adventures. This show doesn’t deal with any issues other than a few jokes here and there.  It is very up front with violence and is rated TV-MA.

Jimi: All is By My Side

Why I watched : I’m a huge fan of both Andre Benjamin and Jimi Hendrix.

Jimi is a feature length movie depicting the life of Jimi Hendrix The movie shows sex, drug use, and some violence. I would say the end message is a positive one. The journey has more than a few controversial moments rated R.

Alien ( 1979)

Why I watched : To write a review for a separate school project.

Alien is a classic movie that first mixed horror and sci-fi it is gore filled with extreme violence and is absolutely terrifying. The monster in alien designed by H.R. Giger is made specifically to imply rape. Obviously rated R.

The Good, The Bad and The Weird

Why I watched: Recommended by a friend.

The last movie on the list is the most lighthearted and also filled with the most death and murder. This is a really interesting Korean film (on Netflix) that is definitely worth a watch. It is an almost pure action film with a western twist filled with shoot outs and fight scenes. Also rated R.

So, what have I done in the two days since watching these shows? well nothing really. It is safe to say all of these shows/movies are over pouring with violence and after seeing them all in a three day span it has made me no more violent than I have ever been. When talking about media creating violence I think it is entirely possible for media to effect someone who is already mentally unstable, such was the case of John Hinckley and Taxi Driver. But, violence in media has no effect on regular people. Media is used as a scapegoat anytime something bad happens because it is an easy target. I don’t feel any different after watching these shows. The intention of movies are not to make people want to commit crimes it is to make people feel and in a lot of cases it isn’t even to make people feel but simply just to entertain.


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