Change in the Media

Well I’m going to start out by saying that I have no idea what I should talk about and that the topic I did choose I know hardly anything about.

I decided to talk about the Presidential Election, because I kind of know something’s about it from hearing people talk and I know the topic irritates people. The Presidential Election is always a debatable topic and most people usually hate the election season, especially this election cause nobody really likes either of the two candidates.

The use of social networking has changed dramatically over the course of the different elections. For example if when you’re on you tube and you’re trying to watch videos it seems that the only advertisements on are of the election. One time last week or the week before I was on you tube and the advertisement was the election right after the other, five consecutive times.

The only way it seems to be improving is allowing the candidates to promote themselves and advertise more, and irritate people more effectively. It’s hampering because nobody wants to see these videos over and over again.

Not really sure what else to put. Not my best blog post. It was rather difficult to figure out what to talk about. So if you read this, I am sorry that you wasted your time.


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