Web 2.0

As many, or all, of you may know, our world and how we see it today is constantly changing in many different aspects but especially when it comes to technology. Technology has been the pivot for most of the worlds biggest innovations and changes in the past decade. Although many people think this is a bad thing, which it can be in some aspects, technology has proven itself to be a major tool for all kinds of businesses, people, governments and even children. One of the biggest and most popular invention derived from technology would definitely be the fearful internet. Everyone loves and uses the internet and all the technology involving it, however, there is no such thing as talking about the internet and technology without talking about Web 2.0.

One of the major keys or aspects of the internet is the fact that it facilitates and speeds up just about anything, from communication to transport, broadcast (Radio or Television), streaming, company contracts or deals, jobs, medication, medical facilities, etc. most of the resources we use or provide today are mainly done so with the help of the internet and/or technology. However, today i will be specifying more in the communication aspect of the internet. Social media has become the primary source of knowledge and communication to and from the population all throughout the world and it is only getting bigger and faster.

Heading back on track, there is no talking about social media without the slight mention of Web 2.0. The term was popularized by Tim O’Reilly at the Media Web 2.0 conference in 2004 and according to his blog, Web 2.0 describes world wide web websites that generate or emphasize content that is generated by the user, usability (whether it is easy or not to use) and whether it is easily used with other services or products (convergence, in a way). The most basic and easiest way to give and example of such concept, is social media. Facebook, twitter, snapchat, and all these different and popular examples of social media are increasing in popularity and in size and this has led to an enormous amount of influence and ease on the side of communication and interaction with the community. It takes no longer than a couple of seconds for someone across the world to give their opinion on a certain topic and end up generating a massive discussion or issue regarding certain topics that affect multiple populations all over the globe.

Take the American Presidential election this year, 2016, for example, it has been an issue that has been affecting or reaching not only the american citizens and its population but also people that are involved with politics all over the globe. Most of you probably do not know this but I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and even back home where i don’t know any americans living, there are people coming together to discuss and debate all about this year’s controversial election. Not only this, but both candidates (Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump) had their campaigns mostly based on the errors and mistakes of the other candidate. Take Hillary, for example, and her email scandal. This was an issue that leaked to the internet and had the entire american population out of their minds, and it was done solely by user generated content all over the world and in America. Her flaws and mistakes were emphasized and criticized by the entire population and was do so mainly through the internet. Without the intent of being biased, we could look to other side of the election, Donald Trump. The most recent President of the United States of America (supposedly the worlds largest economy) had his campaign criticized, judged and meanly offended mainly by the fact that he misspoke or even mentioned many negative aspects about topics that the population knew a lot about. Donald trump got stepped on by the public due to the fact that he said things he shouldn’t on national television and also because of what he thought and how he expressed it. This type of information and details, was provided to the general population mainly by social media news platforms and Web 2.0 providers.

Don’t get me wrong, i personally think that Web 2.0 is a major factor in the evolution of society and communication as we know it and it definitely expanded the ways we interact, participate and understand our community nowadays. The entire world is more connected and involved with each other and the community in so many different aspects that it will not stop so soon, it will in fact become bigger and bigger with each year.


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