Presidential Election & Why Lives Matter

Where to start is what I ask myself when thinking about the Presidential Election. As we all know by now, Donald Trump is this countries 45th President. Although I do not like to talk about politics or bring up the fact we all have our different views, I do believe this is something that should be brought to our attention. The two candidates (Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump) both have their flaws in which people do not support. The fact that we may not like Trump because people think he’s a “racist” or not support Clinton because she “kills people”, these are all personal opinions. Whether we are a Republican or Democrat, everyone has the right to their own opinions. The big picture I’d like to get across is that we are one as a country. In times like this, we the people are the ones at the end of the day who can choose to spread love and not hatred.

One man who holds the title as President of  the United States of America (Donald Trump), is human just like all of us. As seen in the picture above, people of different race hold hands as one proving that color is just a characteristic. We as the people should not let anything stop us from being the greatest country on earth. If you think about it, the United States population is what makes the country so great. Not just one person who leads it.

On to why lives matter, for many years now we have been witnessing the deaths of African Americans being shot by police officers. Although this is very tragic, police officers are the victims too. No matter your race, gender, age, job, wealth, status, we all live on the same soil and breathe the same air. If we really want to make a change and put an end to this corrupted time we are living in, it must start within us.


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