Social Media’s Impact on the 2016 Election

With the election coming to a close Tuesday, we can reflect on the impact that social media had. Sites like Facebook and Twitter the two most used forms from the campaign faze to the day of the election bring together Trump and Clinton supporters alike and creating a place to have arguments about each candidate. These sites allowed people from all over the nation and the world to express their feelings towards Trump or Clinton creating a community. However, since the end of the election, most of the dialog online has turned into complaints and hostility toward Trump, our president-elect. I’ve seen real life friendships end because of things posted about this election on social media, hampering society as a whole.

Social media also changed how each presidential nominee campaigned, attacking the character of either candidate instead of focusing on the issues. Trump was active the most on Twitter with constant posts of the hashtag CrookedHillary because of her email scandal, where as Clinton had a huge Facebook presence posting multiple videos about Trump’s actions toward immigrants and women. Because of the nature of social media with a 140-character limit on Twitter, this election was focused on simple topics and didn’t have any in depth arguments for either side.

Social media is a way to connect with people all over the world who share the same ideology as you creating communities online. However, when these communities clash with different opinions, most of the time, these dialogs turn ugly. In terms of the election I feel social media is hampering society as a whole creating hate culture between two groups who have opposing opinions. Although sites like Facebook and Twitter bring people together and are a huge asset to our growing online world, when certain people have different views they tend to say things they normally wouldn’t say if it was a face-to-face conversation.


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