Harry Potter?

Reading through the different court cases that were listed.While many of the cases stood out to me, it was difficult to pick one that I could talk about and relate it to today.

I decided to go with a case that I could relate to me in someway. Counts v. Cedarville School District was a case that took place in 2003 that was controversial about allowing the “Harry Potter” books to be checked out of the school library due to the fact that they promoted disobedience and disrespect for authority and dealt with witchcraft and the occult. The only way there were allowed to is if they brought a signed permission slip from their parents. In the end the board of education voted against it because it violated the students First Amendment rights’.

I haven’t really noticed anything like this now because I don’t really pay attention to the news. But the reason I chose this case was because I can relate to it. Harry Potter was one of the only things I wasn’t allowed to watch or read as a child because of the very reason of it dealing with witchcraft and my parents felt it inappropriate. So every time it came on I tried to watch it but would change the channel if my father walked it so he wouldn’t notice it. One time I had brought a Harry Potter notebook home and my parents saw it and instantly took it from me until they realized it was only a notebook.

So I can relate to this court case quite a bit but it also didn’t affect me during this time since I could even read them anyways.


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