What I Was Subjected To, While Watching Television For Three Days.

For three days I watched television, even better that it was a three day weekend, it was a class assignment and I had nothing better to do. I will have to say it was quite interesting. As soon as I turned on the T.V I was bombarded by zombie commercials, a whole slew of them to be exact, one of them in particular was about some show called “Z Nation” then the feature film appeared and can you guess what it was about? You got it, it was about zombies “Zombie Land.” After watching a little bit of that I flipped through the channels and discovered many superhero movies, news programs and comedies

.Nothing impressed me or grabbed my attention until I stopped on a channel called escape and they were talking about the infamous “DB Cooper” case in which a skyjacker high jacked a Boeing 727 Jet Plane stole a briefcase full of money and jumped out of the plane.  Incredible was my first thought and then I thought he must have had some brass balls to do something like that.

I then watched the Texas Chain Saw Massacre and was mortified I wanted to jump through the screen with a shot gun and help those people that were being chased and brutalized by some deformed mentally challenged freak with a chain saw.

Then it was back to the escape channel again and another story about intrigue and murder featuring a middle age woman named Martha Ann who poisoned her husband and ran off and married her husband’s best friend, they both pretended to be top ranking military officials to gain financial compensation from the VA they were eventually caught and arrested. This is the kind of programming that bombarded me from Friday until Sunday.

Oh Yes, I  am well aware that I had the option to watch whatever I wanted.  I’m sure their might have been a few U.F.C. fights on, but for some reason I went with the interesting and the Macabre. In analyzing my three days of watching television it seemed to have started with fictitious in your face monster attacks then progressed into real life criminal scenarios.

It was as though the programming was desensitizing me by scaring the hell out of me with frightening images and then deprogramming me by showing me real life situations of ordinary looking people with the monsters lurking inside of them. But in actual reality this happens to be the world in which we live in and perhaps more frightening then any television shows or images we could ever imagine.


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