Campbell v. St. Tammany Parish School Board

The case that I chose to write is started when public school district in Louisiana removed a book from their school library. The Book was Voodoo and Hoodoo By Jim Haskins, which discusses the origins and practices of the Voodoo and Hoodoo religions. The reason this topic is still relevant due to the amount of ideas children can be exposed to when they are at school. The topic of what kids should have access to is an argument that dates back to the invention of parenting. First, some background on the case about the access to information and exposure to new beliefs.

We start our story in 1992, when Kathy Bonds, a parent of a seventh who was attend St. Tammany Parish’s Public School. found a copy of Voodoo and Hoodoo in her daughter’s bag. After reading the contents of the book, Bonds filed multiple complaints and got the book pulled from all the schools in the area. This caused some outrage through the community, and some parents sued and managed to get a full trial. The court ruled in favor of the book , bringing up the fact that the board members did not personally read the book, and the fact that the schools already had it on their shelves. Even though the school board had not intention of violating the student’s first amendment rights. The parties settled out of court and the book was reinstated on reserved shelves in the library.

In modern culture, a lot of of of high school and college kids have access to any piece of information possible. Some of which the older generations argue that we don’t need to see some pieces of information. I think if we could find a balance, like reserving some sites and books for a more mature person. While still keeping information available so young people can discover their own ideas. As long as we still argue about what is culturally appropriate though, cases like this will still be relevant for multiple generations.


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