Mozert v. Hawkins County Board of Education, 827 F.2d 1058 (6th Cir. 1987)

Growing up in San Diego, Ca, I was brought up in a private catholic school education.  It had occurred to me that certain textbooks were chosen for our specific religion. This case that I have chosen relates back to me in the sense that we were accommodated books that would fit our religion. This is not the situation for public school education which can cause an uproar in society if not looked at.

According to, it is plain and simple that accommodations to religion are something the government can not respectively make due to the freedom of speech. Although it is the goal to respect everyone and their religion, I personally do not think that it is capable possible to do so with a public education. No matter the circumstances, there is always going to be different people of all sorts of religion in every school. We are a country of diversity that have adapted to religions over the years. The fact that textbooks regarding religions have impacted this society is sad. I truly believe that this specific case will occur for years to come but will not have a different outcome. We must look past the text and realize what is truly important such as our religion. Nobody but ourselves can see that nothing can get in the way of our religion.


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