The Problem With Free Speech

Almost everyone agrees, free speech is a great thing. However people start to agree less when they are surrounded by people who have different opinions. Free speech is an important right that must be continuously fought for regardless of the speakers views. As America is showing increasing support for the republican party I can feel myself becoming fed up. But, just because I don’t agree with the policies of the political party currently on top doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the right to say it. Once any group is refused their rights it becomes a slippery slope until they all do.

This is the case of CWA, Inc. vs Lafayette County. Concerned Women for America (CWA) was a religious group that tried to use an auditorium space in Lafayette for a group meeting. However, the CWA was refused the auditorium stating that the space was not available for “social, political, partisan or religious purposes”, but because this auditorium was in a public library the supreme court ruled that it could not discriminate by religion. I can appreciate the want for a political free environment but it is not up to the government to decide where that should be regardless of my personal feelings.

This case may not of had a lot of influence on the country but I think it serves as a good reminder especially for liberal youth who have spent the majority of their life under president Obama. Even opinions we don’t agree with deserve to be heard.


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