Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District

first-amendmentThis court case is relevant in many cases today because of what it stands for, administration and other school officials feels as if something organized will cause a distraction or problem to others around. In a case where a girl was suspended for wearing the wrong shade of green polo, that is just ridiculous especially her being 8 years of age. She was in violation of dress code however the reasoning for her suspension was the school district spokesperson stated that “We can confirm that there was a violation of the district’s uniform policy, but we can’t go into detail about the specific violation,”(goo.gl/2AsFRu)  Although there may not be a huge dilemma caused in this scenario, for instance taking this to court, it still defeats one, the purpose of fairness for individuals. In the article it mentioned that other students were sent home to change attire and showed up late to school the same day. Why couldn’t she be sent home to switch her green polo that was a shade different than the policy polos. The same goes back to the situation that happened in the case in Des Moines where students were suspended for wearing arm bands, instead of suspending the students they could have sent them to a locker room etc, so remove the bands. However they were getting in trouble for something that sounds silly in any matter today and back then. We could avoid such crazy matters if we were able to make judgement calls by ourselves. We don’t need things getting out of hand especially if they can be handled with great consequences. 

In the Des Moines case it would later be dismissed by the courts. They were expressing their beliefs by being protected under the first amendment in my view. What they were doing was not causing any arm nor do i think it was a huge distraction. Teachers/School board really over reacted to the circumstances.



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