Inhumane or Exaggerated?

People all around the world have different interests and criminal activity seems to be one of the top ones that we all shared. Movies, books, radio segments, and even just magazine or news articles about crime snatch our attention. With this being said it is no wonder why criminals are becoming rich off of the story put out describing their wrongdoing and that is where this story starts.

David Berkowitz injured a total of seven people and killed six people in 1977. Not soon after Berkowitz was arrested people started to throw around rumors saying that his whole life story was going to be presented. This rumor made a lot of people mad because they did not want this monster to get rich off of the murder of their loved ones. The members of the New York legislature apparently felt the exact same way because they set up a law that would make it so that the criminal did not get large sums of money for cruely killing people and sharing the gruesome story with the world. With this law the money would help the victims in their time of need instead of rewarding the criminal.


To learn more click here to watch a documentary on David Berkowitz.

The first thing that has changed with time is the fact that different channels would be used if this was in recent times. Instead of using things such as tape recorders or phonographs television and internet would be more heavily utilized. Also now it is seen as against public policy to holds ones money. There may be a limit to the amount they can receive but you can not hold all of their money away from the criminal.



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