Stereotype or Bust

Stereotyping is a topic that’s always on my mind and everything I look at I try to point out the different stereotypes that can be within the media.

To Start out I just want to include a music video that talks about stereotypes and it’s by an artist who climbed the charts and made his way through the music industry by using the social media and reaching a wider crowd. This music video describes the stereotypes that are going through the media from the entertainment of the music industry and what most people stereotype artists and rappers as and how he plans on breaking those stereotypes.

Now as there are many other stereotypes through the media, whether they are good or bad. Stereotypes will never be broken as many would like, since our society is transforming into a more diverse community. Where people are gonna continue being judged for being different and being set to a certain status quo.

I’ve been set in many different worlds and been a part of different societal groups, being judged for what I do and being assumed that because I’m apart of the group that I must be set to a certain standard. Whether it be because I love to rap, I get laughed at because when people think of a rapper the first things that come to mind is that they have to be black or they have to be a druggy. Another part is the fact that I’m a male cheerleader people just assume that I must not be straight. These stereotypes have came to be because the media that people see has them brainwashed and they believe whatever they see and read. The media becomes this thing that targets certain people and picks out what they want to hear. The media will always have an effect on these people no matter how much it evolves.


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