Stereotyping in the public image has been something which has been around for many years. One gender stereotype I believe we can all understand is the sense that boys and girls do not like to play with the same toys. The stereotype that little girls wouldn’t want to play with action figures just like boys wouldn’t want to play with an easy-bake oven has impacted society. After doing some research about tv commercials and gender, I came across some information that laundry detergent companies like “Tide” have taken a different direction in gender stereotyping. They have reconstructed a new image that the male figure can be a “stay-at-home dad.”

When we look at television and how it has causes gender stereotyping, we can look at it in the sense that women normally play a ditzy, clueless character which belittles women altogether. The male role is supposedly the more dominant character, therefore causes gender stereotyping. This can cause influence on society in a few ways. One way I believe it to do so is with the younger generation. Kids are very easily influenced. Television is a “gateway drug” to societal influence in my eyes. When children get to watch tv, especially shows that praise males, and not women, it can lead misinterpretations.

Not all stereotypes are bad, when we look at television again, you will see certain television networks that veer toward a certain race. Although many may think this is wrong, I find it very tactical in the sense that certain races do like to watch shows they can understand. A couple tv networks that cater to a certain race are (BET, and Telenovelas). These tv networks target certain races to help connect. This has an influence on society by “stereotyping” certain races with shows they would connect better with.

No matter what social media outlet (tv, radio, newspaper, or magazines) stereotypes will take place in either a negative or positive way. It can be viewed as a bad thing or a good thing. Critics will be everywhere to influence people that it is bad but we must look at it positively and understand not all stereotypes are bad.



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