Uncensored Stereotypes

Stereotyping happens all over the world. Whether you see it or not it is still there. Hiding in the cracks and crevices of channels such as the radio, magazines and even television. What we see with the naked eye is not always as it seems. Small things are put right up to our noses and we don’t even detect them. Are they molding us to accept these stereotypes without us even knowing?

wordzClick here to see how advertisement stereotypes have not changed from back then.

Television is one thing that people think of when they think of stereotypes being spread. But the thing is is that sometimes you can’t even tell when its happening. One example is the children’s movie Ratatouille. Chef Skinner is a small man with a temper. You may not see that as being a stereotype but later in the movie they tie him up and throw him in a closet. Compare that to bullies pushing around small kids in school and such and you have a stereotype fed to your child without detection. But that means nothing right? Its just a coincidence. Well lets hit somewhere a little closer to home. Have you even heard of Twilight? Of course you have. Well instead of going crazy over the heartthrobs take a closer look at one of their lives. Jacob is a native american man. Him and his group live out in the wild and become violent monsters when the white man goes on their land. Just a little stereotypical if you ask me. But if none of those example prove my case lets use this popular one. In the show two broke girls there is an asian named Han Lee that is constantly being made fun of for his height and lack of american knowledge. You have the typical black old man named Earl that loves jazz and last but not least the Ukranian that constantly sexually harasses the main characters.


Another big channel that provides stereotypes are magazines. Covers are there to bring in the reader but are they doing it the ethical way? Makeup based magazine covers show beautiful couples saying if you use make up men won’t be able to resist you. Work out magazines showcase huge buff men lifting weights with women on their sides because it is a stereotype that fit men are the most attractive. Health magazines showing skinny girls doing doing fun things and looking happy put in your mind that skinny is beautiful. Home care magazines showing a wife with multiple kids cleaning the perfect home puts in your mind that we are back in the old times where women belonged in the kitchen. All of these messages are being spread around the world. Children and even adults base their life on how they can be good enough. What they should wear, how much they should weigh, and whether or not to cake their face in makeup. These are huge factors in how we think. Just as small as a magazine cover changing our lives.



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