Dungeons and Dragons in Pop Culture

We all have our hobbies that we enjoy, and some of these pass times come with a large community of people that have a shared interest. The community that I am a part of is the Dungeons and Dragons community, a large community  that dates back to 1974. Since this community has been around for so long, it has been viewed by a lot of different people. This has caused a lot of different stereotypes to form around the game. Even though most of the stereotypes started in the 1980’s, many have survived into the current decade.

One of the biggest stereotypes that players of Dungeons and Dragons face is the image of being Devil Worshipers. This stereotype was brought up again in the 2014 film Dark Dungeons. Which is adapted by a graphic novel of the same name. In the film two college freshmen fall victim to a charismatic cult who use the evil RPG game to corrupt souls. This is not the only time this stereotype has come about though. In the 80’s there was a lot of crimes that people tried to say was caused by the game. I believe the reason why this stereotype came about was from an outside perspective, the images and text can appear somewhat religious , and the spell caster classes can appear like cultists. All though the D&D community is not a world wide cult that is trying to take over the world, it is still something that I have to explain to the more conservative side of family and friends.

Another big stereotype that follows D&D players, is the notion that we all participate in Larping. Defined as Live Action Role Playing, this stereotype follows both communities. Even though they are similar, and there are a lot of people that participate in both activities.They are still different forms of the RPG genre, and people who play D&D don’t normally dress up in armor and carry swords to the gaming table. It is the same with LARP as people don’t normally show up to events in normal clothes. Although this one is not as negative as the first stereotypes, it’s is annoying to have to explain to people that I don’t own a suit of armor.

Although most stereotypes are bad, there is one stereotype that shows the game of Dungeons and Dragons in a positive light. This is the assumption that everybody who plays is creative. This is one stereotype that is pretty true, as this game is played with your imagination and is something that helps benefit the perception of the game. Instead of being seeing as cultists or socially awkward nerds. Most players want to be seen as a creative person with a big imagination. So if you have any questions about a game that has brought joy to generations. Remember this, do be concerned that you are talking to a crazy cultist, or trying to speak with a nerd that lives in an basement. Remember that you are talking to somebody who is creative and will gladly show you a game that anybody can enjoy.


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