Negative Gender Stereotypes in Television

The sticom is a staple of American life. Ever since the television became wide spread we have had sitcoms. They have been around so long in fact that it is understandable how many people miss the generally sexist tones in most mainstream sitcoms. A running theme in both live action and animated sitcoms centered around a family is the man is always the comedic while the woman is always fighting against the man trying to put an end to his fun.

#1 The Big Bang Theory

I will start by conceding that the show has done some to correct this issue introducing new characters. But at the beginning it was possibly one of the worst show at perpetuating negative stereotypes. The female character was there just to be less intelligent and laugh and ridicule the antics of the male characters.

#2 Family Guy

Family Guy is a show guilty of a lot of negative things but most are arguably  on purpose. However the show is one of the worst cases of making the women in the show either unfunny or the butt of a series of running jokes.

#3 Kevin Can Wait

Yes, I’m bias I do truly hate Kevin James and basically his entire body of work. But his new sitcom is a remarkably tired an barley updated version of his last sitcom (which also sucked). In the sitcom Kevin James plays a overweight “every man” married to a woman that always disapproves of his life style after retirement.

The problem with these stereotypes is it makes young watchers believe women an unfunny compared to boys. There are positive role models in comedy for women but normally they are not widely available until mid-teen years. I think the reason these stereotypes are part of the tradition of sitcoms that dates back so long before these stereotypes were a problem. As long as this type of sitcom continues to work it will continue to be successful. But, with things like the new ghostbusters (whether it was good or not) show a willingness to try to correct this problem.



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