Profiling through media

Media and its outlets have a particular way of expressing their opinions on certain people. The way in which they do this is left up to them. Although, it’s done constantly in modern media the results of what stereotyping does to certain races and religion is hidden among the actual information media sources reveal. Media sources constantly put these labeled groups at the forefront of their articles and news networks. In doing so, media outlets begin to paint a picture for listeners and readers of their networks. This picture isn’t always representative of what that race or religion is a part of in their everyday life. That’s where media struggles in bringing the actual information to the audience.

Race can be a touchy subject for most. Why is this? Is it because of what we’ve seen on media outlets over and over again? The answer has still not been found due to the fact that as a society we can not move on past the point that what we see and hear isn’t always true. Media needs to do a better job of what they put out and try to censor a little bit more so people watching might have a better understanding of the situation. That situation has lead to riots in the past. An example of this is the shooting of Micheal Brown in Ferguson Missouri. Before the official report of what happened came out social media was booming. People took sides before even hearing the true account of what exactly happened that day. Speculations lead each side and neither would change  before hearing the official report. If media had done a better than putting Micheal Browns face on the front of the newspaper saying he was shot six times by a white police officer then maybe the riots wouldn’t have erupted the way they did. A simple newspaper headline could’ve changed the thoughts of millions on this displeasing event. This incident would give more fuel to the fire of stereotyping towards every African American that has been contact with the law. They are always the one to blame and their actions are always wrong in the situation.

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Religion has been covered by the US media for a long time. Particularly one religion is responsible for almost every terrorist attack in the US. That somehow means everyone in that religion is behind those attacks and supports them. The Religion of Islam follows the Quran which is what Muslims follow as the word of God. Muslim is a popular word in the US and for the wrong reasons. Ever since 9/11 and some events that happened before such as the bombing of 93  Muslims have gotten a really bad image in the eyes of the US and its citizens. Television plays a big factor in what the US thinks about foreign country’s who main religion is Islam. ISIS is shown as Muslim based group who beheads american soldiers on TV and online media outlets. This is what america sees of the Muslim religion and almost nothing else. Shown over and over again until america receives the image media outlets wants to put out in the first place. The opinion of the religions followers is left up to you as a viewer, but the images are so graphic you don’t have much room to think. Overall the impact of media on stereotype is strong because they give the evidence people use to support there own stereotypes.

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