Stereotypes In The Media

It wouldn’t take me long to find how the media plays on stereotypes. I don’t even have to look past one of my favorite shows, South Park. Isouthpark think the fact that the show is so cruel in perpetuating these stereotypes is what draws people to the show. The main character  Eric Cartman specifically. This character is a racist, homophobic, little boy that has no filter, nor boundaries when it comes to getting his message across. He constantly plays on the idea of many negative stereotypes and this is essentially what drives his character. People eat it up and the show has been aired for nearly 20 years now it seems. This is just one example from television.


Another stereotype that I see played out a lot, especially in the news media is the role of the weather girl on the new station broadcast team. Usually a young, ambitious, attractive young lady with lots of spunk filling only roughly 30 seconds of the entire news cast. Just something nice to look at in between segments. Whats worse is that this is typically the only position that women hold on the team. While men usually hold the news head, reporter, or in depth analyst positions. This stereotype has stood for so long it almost just seems like another facet in the business of news broadcasting.








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