Blog Post #5: Stereotypes in Media

One example of how the media has spread stereotypes about gender, age, race, religion, culture, or economic class would easily be the 2016 Presidential Election. At a Trump Rally in Louisiana, there a black female minor who had been present. Trump had asked that she leave, and shortly after many people began to push and shove her out of the rally. There were videos all over social media and news channels. Many videos on Facebook showed only parts of what had happened at this event, and did not provide ALL information necessary to communicate to the public.


Another example was roughly 4-5 years ago, when there was an incident between a black minor (17 years old) named Trayvon who was walking to the corner store with a gray hoodie on. He walked in and grabbed skittles, Brisk, and Arizona. George Zimmerman was a man who was watching this minor very closely. There had been a robbery around the same time that was nearby, and when he was walking home, George tried to question him. He called the Police and the Police told him to leave the minor alone, but he did not listen and things ended up going down from there. George Zimmerman tried to fight him, but after Trayvon started to run away, George shot him.

There were many news channels discussing this incident. Some showed photos of Zimmerman with his prison jumpsuit on as well as photos of Trayvon from during school and with his family. This made George look like a bad person and Trayvon look like a typical well-rounded student athlete.

On other news channels, there were photos of the minor smoking marijuana and a photo with him carrying a gun, while then there were photos of George with his family. These news channels seemed to be very biased, choosing to use photos that represent these two individuals in ways where people can judge them. By using photos of Trayvon smoking and holding a gun, I feel like they were stereotypically trying to make him look like a typical black male who was very troubled, although that may not have been the case. These stereotypes were both positive and negative.


One final example would be affiliated to young singer Chris Brown. Chris Brown had been dating Rihanna years ago, and they were known as one of the cutest couples, up until he did something he could never take back; abusing her. There were many different understandings of what had happened. Some said she said something that put him over the edge, others say he found out she was being disloyal to him. Regardless of it all, the fact was that he put his hands on a woman and it was wrong. Many people disagreed on his punishment. Chris Brown had been sent to Prison, but not for very long. The public had been very upset, especially females around the world; however the system did not do much about it.


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