First Amendment

Richard R. Kreimer was homeless in the early to late 90s. Not only did Richard have no where to stay beside public places in Morristown New jersey, but he was left with only the  public library as his main place of stay. Kreimer being a long time patron of the joint free public library was a constant user of its resources such as magazines,newspapers and books. Although, he was removed from the library 5 times he never physically did anything to someone to have that happen. The reports say that his odor was so bad that it prevented other people from doing there jobs or work. Often times he was caught staring at people and mumbling words to himself. However, none of these are a violation of anything, but rather a annoyance  in the public library eyes. Soon after being expelled from the library completely Kreimer took the problem to the United States Court for the District of New Jersey. Kreimer argued that his absence of the library completely was an invalidation of the First Amendment. The courts appealed kreimers arguments  toward the library and prohibited some of the library rules that is had in place. The library appealed shortly after. March 24th 1992 lead to the reversal of the courts decision saying that the rules did not violate the homeless mans First amendment rights. Library officials rejoiced as the process of this case was a long and stressful one.

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This case has many impacts on the courts decisions of today. It dove into what the first amendment was really about and how the meaning of it can be seen differently through others eyes. The problem being that people are doing things that don’t break the laws, but break morals of the other people that have to see what they’re doing. An example of this in today’s world is the burning of the american flag. Just like the first case theirs not a law preventing people from doing it. Although, its frowned upon highly by people around the country its done to prove a point in the protesters eyes. Its a protest that no one likes to see, but does anyway because of the amount of times its happening now a days. Is a problem our country faces down the road and will continue to do so until a solution is found.









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