Media Stereotype

A T.V show I have been watching recently that has stereotypes is Called “Bleach”. The show is a Japanese anime that involves a group of sword wielding warriors who fight evil sprits; these warriors are called Soul Reapers. The stereotype that I have found in this show is that the men Soul Reapers are signify stronger then the women Soul Reapers and the men always have to come and rescue the women. This stereotype has to do with gender because it is making the men stronger then the women and making them always needing the men to save them. This is apart of the show because it is trying to make them men seem the strongest and most important in the show.   The stereotype can influence the audience perception on women. It can make them seem weak and not able to get things done, it may also cause male viewers to see themselves as better and that women will need them, and for female views it may make them see themselves as weak and no trusting in their abilities or what they are able to do. So this stereotype can both be a positive and negative influence. It can be positive in boy’s eyes and it can be negative in girl’s eyes.

A second example of this can be from the T.V show “South Park” and it had to do with economic class. In of the episodes that I saw the other day Cartman was making fun of Kenny for being poor, he was saying sense he was poor he had a lot of dieses such as herpes, hepatitis, and lice (which everyone was being tested for). Then he kept just making fun of him for being poor and everyone was saying it was him with the lice cause he was poor. This doing with economic class stereotype, and is seen mostly as a negative stereotype. This was put into the show to make fun and have something to talk about for the episode, but also it was being used to help raise awareness to the problem, because everyone in the class had it and it had nothing to do with his economic class. It may not come out that bad to the audience in this case however because at the end it shows that how much money you have is not the problem and just how clean you are. So it will show them that just because someone has less money they can still be in the same situation as you and have the same things so do not treat them differently. However some may not have seen the whole episode and still just thought of people with less money as dirty and gross.

The last example of a stereotype that I have seen recently came from a song that I listen to by Kodak Black called “Chances” in the beginning of the song Kodak raps this verse …..

There them cracker go again
Freeze let me see your hands
Shit ain’t go the way I plan
Niggas out here taking chances
Out here you gotta take a chance”

What he means is that him going out as a black man he is always taking “chances” of losing his life because he is a black man. This has to do with a race stereotype, and in this case it is seen as a negative one. It is negative because its saying if your black you are always as chance of losing your life to police or being mistreated by police. He talks about it in the song because this is a part of his everyday life and he would like to bring awareness to it, epically with all that is going on in today society. I think people can react in two different ways about this. People who don’t know what its like can think he’s hyping things up to much and that its not to bad, or they can understand what he is saying and show remorse and try and do things to help out.


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