Media’s influence and how the use of stereotypes effects the world

Global media is a very powerful phenomenon in our world. Media outlets influence how the general public portrays an array of people in either a negative or positive light. Mainly based on stereotypes, media outlets sway public opinion based on the bias of the company it represents. A clear example is the media giant, CNN. Cleary having a Democratic lean, CNN has labeled rallies favoring president elected Donald Trump as gatherings of hate groups toward minorities by reporting on the most violent and flat out racists crowds that make up a small portion of Trump supporters. In a report on the 14th of 2016, CNN posted an article headlined, Protestor attacked at Trump rally stating that a protestor was shoved repeatedly and put in a headlock while being rushed to the exit by a, “man wearing a Make America Great Again hat and a Gays for Trump shirt.” Throughout this article the language used to describe the supporters and Trump’s response is very derogatory, reporting from the side that Trump himself provoked the attack, as well as the abundant use of the term ‘Trump supporter” made it very clear to readers that it was Trump and his supporters who were in the wrong. The article continues the story by providing evidence of past violent actions taken at Trump rallies. By portraying Trump and his supporters as brutes, while the protestor was an innocent victim, CNN was trying to sway the public towards the Democratic side by exposing the few people prone to violence. While there is evidence supporting CNN’s claim that some Trump supporters are susceptible to violence, unprovoked or not, the media company characterizes all Trump supporters as violent at all times and that if you support Trump, you are supporting these violent people.

Another stereotype the media portrays is that all police officers are bad ones. It seems like recently major news has been focused all the bad things police officers have done. With the “Black Lives Matter” campaign and the recent shootings of African-American men, mass media is having a field day promoting hatred toward the men and women who keep us safe domestically. Outlets have chosen to focus on the negative thing officers have done playing into the stereotype that all cops are bad cops because that’s what sells papers and gets the most clicks. The media’s power has turned Americans against the men and women that are tasked with the extremely taxing and hard job of protecting them.

Turning to the lighter side of things, entertainment companies are breaking down stereotypes when it comes to women’s dependence on men. In recent popular movie series such as, The Hunger Games and Divergent, both pieces have dominant female characters both of which lead a team through several different dangerous tasks. These movies are the first relevant movies for the newer generation that have empowered women everywhere. These movies show that women can do everything that men can do, growing support in the real world with women taking more powerful and important positions. This example shows how media can have a positive impact on the world just as much as it does negative.


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