Stereo Typing Today

Image result for handy manny graciasHandy Manny sticks out to me when thinking of a stereotypical television show. It’s about a Mexican guy named Manny who is a construction worker picking up side jobs and task that others aren’t skilled enough to do. We are heavily influenced that Hispanic people are only employed in construction, cleaning and agricultural careers. Another thing we perceive is that they are Hispanic males who are apart of  this industry. Its not only men who are apart of this career, although there aren’t many women. They also partake in this challenging career. It could be a negative influence if someone tried to point out that it could give away a little bit sense of racism. However it also creates a positive image with the way the tools work together and develop great customer service traits to their clients.


The Simpsons is another show that comes to mind when thinking of a stereo type scenario and along with some of its characters. Abu Nahasapeemapetilon who works at the Kuiwk E Mart, which is another way media tries to influence a certain gender and race to partake in a role. In this case it’s the Indian guy who has a very thick accent and says “Thank you” as some of us could relate to when we visit 7-11, convenient stores places that rip people out of their money by insanely increasing the price of a product. There’s also a show where it shows us about his arranged wedding, we know that happens in certain countries or a religion where the women is forced to marry a men and often at a young age. In certain episodes there are times when Homer confronts his daughter telling her “if you were a boy you’d be a scientist.” Which is challenging her gender, why couldn’t she be a scientist if she is a girl, is that not allowed? To me it appears as a negative stereotype because it talks bad upon certain races and the way genders are perceived especially among-st the Homer and his daughter.

consuela Image result for family guy stereotypes

This is by far one of the most stereo typical shows around in my opinion. Although it is a comedy show it can tend to offend a lot of people regarding gender, race, religion and the list goes on. I’ll start with Consuela who is an Hispanic cleaning lady. I mentioned something earlier where media really has influenced the media that Hispanic people are portrayed in a lot of TV shows, movies as cleaning people, construction workers. Which is a negative influence we want kids growing up and succeeding away from those careers, by no means am I trying to offend anyone about this career. It provides for a families however I myself do not want to be stereo typed as a construction worker. I want to succeed from my stereotype. Another way they perceive a race is the Black guys at the door, why are they dressed up as “thugs” are you going to automatically assume that they are a characters portrayed as they are seen. Why couldn’t they dress them in a suit and tie? That is a negative influence in Medias vision, all African Americans don’t dress like that. A main character in the show named Louis who is the wife of Peter, she takes on the role of being a stay at home mom taking care of Stewie and doing the mom duty chores. In this case we are influenced by media in this particular manner that men are the people who are supposed to provide for a family while the woman takes care of the chores around home like laundry, dishes, and cooking food. We know that men can partake in this role. Anyone can do anything they put their mindset to, don’t let a 24 minutes episode influence your path in life. Diversity is great and we need to fall apart from stereotypes in this country.



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