Remembering Madalyn Murray O’Hair

In 1960 an unknown woman came out of the wood works to file a lawsuit against the Baltimore City Public School System (Murray vs Curlett) in which she claimed that it was against the constitution for her youngest son Bill to take part in reading of the bible, accredited to a God that she did not believe in. Her name Madalyn Murray O’Hair an atheist but not just your ordinary atheist, she was an educated woman with a bachelor’s degree from Ashland University and a law degree from South Texas College of law, but failed the bar.

In 1963 the lawsuit reached the Supreme Court as she joined forces with Schempp, who took the Abington School district to court as well. The lawsuit was victorious by banning mandatory bible readings in public schools under the law of separation of church and state. Which was quite ironic that a law that was meant to protect churches from state bullying, was used against them in the idea of bible reading in public schools.

She also sued NASA for quoting the bible in the Appollo 8 Genesis reading but the lawsuit was rejected without enough jurisdiction. She founded the American Atheists, a movement that defended rights of nonbelievers, a radio program and hosted the American Atheist Forum televised by more than one hundred and forty cable providers.

Life Magazine referred to her as the most hated woman in America amongst the American, Christian, Conservative establishment. She filed many lawsuits in which she felt violated the constitution. One in Particular against Baltimore, for not collecting taxes on owed property by the Catholic Church.

But as all things must come to an end. Starting with the son who was subject to her retaliation against bible reading in the Baltimore Public School System, he became a minister and rejected atheism. And in nineteen ninety five, Madalyn Murray O’hair, a son and granddaughter disappeared and became the victims of murder and mutilation by a former employee on parole and a group of other men. An old adage comes to mind “If you live by the sword you’ll die by the sword.”

In aftermath: If I had one question to ask M.s O’hair after she is dead and gone, it would be. Ms Madalyn O’hair, is there a God?

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