Media and it’s stereotypes

When it comes to stereotypes in our culture and how they are played out in the media one main article in the Des Moines Register a few weeks back comes to mind. This article dealt with the amount of disruptions in the areas schools by race. This shows and unfortunate depiction of disparity in the schools, yet it does not show the backgrounds that the students come from, while these stereotypes are not aimed at any one person they do show racial differences which feed into these already hard to change stereotypes.

A professor in one of my courses made the point that often many stereotypes are based at least in part in reality, such as when I tried to call my phone provider and proceeded to try communicating with an Indian man. Or in the show Family guy with Mort Goldman being a Jewish pharmacy owner. This perpetuates the stereotype that Jewish people are especially smart and care about money more than most things.

Image result for pharmacy owner in family guy

One thing that stereotypes give, especially for a younger audience is a point of reference, good or bad, it makes things easier for children to see things simplified. This does not bode well for changing negative stereotypes like black people being gangsters or thieves or uneducated, such as in the show Shameless where Carl “thinks he’s black and uneducated” by having cornrows, selling guns and other things, which to find out the black girl he is trying to get with has a police officer as a father. And is quite intelligent.

Image result


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