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Black Male Athletes being stereotyped by the media. Or are they?

In my pursuit of finding an article that depicts stereotyping as reported by the media. I stumbled across a very interesting article written by a contributor of Science Daily (an online news source). About the research study conducted by Cynthia Frisby an associate professor of strategic communications; Journalism College at the University of Missouri.

She has uncovered that the media has portrayed African American athletes in an unfavorable light as compared to white athletes. Her findings have determined that the stories about African American athletes hone in on their criminal actions, whereas stories about white athletes are remarkably positive and do not focus on their criminal history.

First step in her study was to read one hundred and fifty five articles about male athletes in which she determined that 43% of them were written about the Caucasian athlete compared to only 39% were written about the African American athlete and over 70% focused on the violent criminal background of the black athlete as opposed to only 17% were reported about the white athlete. Also 53% of the articles about the black athlete had negative tones while only twenty seven percent of the articles about white male athletes were negative.

Cynthia Frisby was reported saying that “This study, while only a first step sets the stage for future research examining negative portrayals of black athletes in the media.”  She continued by saying “This study provides quantitative evidence of disparities in how media cover and stereotype black male athletes. “This serves as an important exploratory study that sets the framework for extensive future investigations into the way media portray and cover athletes from different ethnic backgrounds.”

But in all honesty is this really considered stereotyping in every aspect of the word or could it be interpreted as truth in certain circles. That maybe there is a difference between the races and could be attributed to how black athletes and white athletes are portrayed.

Black athletes tend to be subjected to unfair advantages in child hood as in, be part of the gang or play ball and somewhere between the cradle and adult hood they may get caught up in certain less favorable situations.       Or could it be that society really is filled with uncomfortable xenophobic, bigoted, white people who tend to view white male athletes as less threatening then their black counter parts. Or maybe white athletes are indeed privileged and bailed out by their upper crusted families.

We could go on all day with hypothesis in trying to determine the reasons behind the above claims of media stereotyping of athletes in regards to color, But where would that get us? An end result that would consist of nothing more than racial profiling at its worst case scenario.

It has been determined that the white male dominates the news, media and how it is reported and portrayed, and in knowing this, one can get a better understanding of actual stereotyping vs media hype. Thus determining your own conclusion of whether or not black male athletes have actually been portrayed in a negative light while white male athletes not so much.

My personal opinion love it or hate it, is that this is not stereotyping at all at least not in my understanding of the word. M.S Frisby  apparently has Stereotyping confused with Statistics because that is what I am seeing with her findings. First of all she is using percentages and hasn’t ruled out that violent crimes have not been reported against the white male athlete she has them at 17%.

Now, from what I know about stereotyping it is a blatant comment regarding race or gender which could be based on truth but without any true research. Such as: ” Black athletes are much better athletes then whites.” ” White men can’t jump.” ” Once you go black you never go back.” How come none of these stereotypes are not being addressed by M.S Frisby?

Just saying, but what do I know I am just a first year Digital Communications Major.


Remembering Madalyn Murray O’Hair

In 1960 an unknown woman came out of the wood works to file a lawsuit against the Baltimore City Public School System (Murray vs Curlett) in which she claimed that it was against the constitution for her youngest son Bill to take part in reading of the bible, accredited to a God that she did not believe in. Her name Madalyn Murray O’Hair an atheist but not just your ordinary atheist, she was an educated woman with a bachelor’s degree from Ashland University and a law degree from South Texas College of law, but failed the bar.

In 1963 the lawsuit reached the Supreme Court as she joined forces with Schempp, who took the Abington School district to court as well. The lawsuit was victorious by banning mandatory bible readings in public schools under the law of separation of church and state. Which was quite ironic that a law that was meant to protect churches from state bullying, was used against them in the idea of bible reading in public schools.

She also sued NASA for quoting the bible in the Appollo 8 Genesis reading but the lawsuit was rejected without enough jurisdiction. She founded the American Atheists, a movement that defended rights of nonbelievers, a radio program and hosted the American Atheist Forum televised by more than one hundred and forty cable providers.

Life Magazine referred to her as the most hated woman in America amongst the American, Christian, Conservative establishment. She filed many lawsuits in which she felt violated the constitution. One in Particular against Baltimore, for not collecting taxes on owed property by the Catholic Church.

But as all things must come to an end. Starting with the son who was subject to her retaliation against bible reading in the Baltimore Public School System, he became a minister and rejected atheism. And in nineteen ninety five, Madalyn Murray O’hair, a son and granddaughter disappeared and became the victims of murder and mutilation by a former employee on parole and a group of other men. An old adage comes to mind “If you live by the sword you’ll die by the sword.”

In aftermath: If I had one question to ask M.s O’hair after she is dead and gone, it would be. Ms Madalyn O’hair, is there a God?

Information from Wikipedia the free encyclopedia


What I Was Subjected To, While Watching Television For Three Days.

For three days I watched television, even better that it was a three day weekend, it was a class assignment and I had nothing better to do. I will have to say it was quite interesting. As soon as I turned on the T.V I was bombarded by zombie commercials, a whole slew of them to be exact, one of them in particular was about some show called “Z Nation” then the feature film appeared and can you guess what it was about? You got it, it was about zombies “Zombie Land.” After watching a little bit of that I flipped through the channels and discovered many superhero movies, news programs and comedies

.Nothing impressed me or grabbed my attention until I stopped on a channel called escape and they were talking about the infamous “DB Cooper” case in which a skyjacker high jacked a Boeing 727 Jet Plane stole a briefcase full of money and jumped out of the plane.  Incredible was my first thought and then I thought he must have had some brass balls to do something like that.

I then watched the Texas Chain Saw Massacre and was mortified I wanted to jump through the screen with a shot gun and help those people that were being chased and brutalized by some deformed mentally challenged freak with a chain saw.

Then it was back to the escape channel again and another story about intrigue and murder featuring a middle age woman named Martha Ann who poisoned her husband and ran off and married her husband’s best friend, they both pretended to be top ranking military officials to gain financial compensation from the VA they were eventually caught and arrested. This is the kind of programming that bombarded me from Friday until Sunday.

Oh Yes, I  am well aware that I had the option to watch whatever I wanted.  I’m sure their might have been a few U.F.C. fights on, but for some reason I went with the interesting and the Macabre. In analyzing my three days of watching television it seemed to have started with fictitious in your face monster attacks then progressed into real life criminal scenarios.

It was as though the programming was desensitizing me by scaring the hell out of me with frightening images and then deprogramming me by showing me real life situations of ordinary looking people with the monsters lurking inside of them. But in actual reality this happens to be the world in which we live in and perhaps more frightening then any television shows or images we could ever imagine.

How I heard about Kid Rock

I was in my late teen age years when the beastie  boys arrived on the scene in the mid- nineteen eighties so white rock rappers were nothing new to me. But when I first heard an artist going by the name of “kid rock” being introduced to me through the music video “Bawitdaba” from the devil without a cause album in 1998 I was hooked. I admired his brash in your face style the I don’t give a flying f about what anyone thinks about me, reminiscent of punk rock and other high level genres from the 1970’s and 80’s.

So I began to study and research the man that goes by the name kid rock, the first thing I found out was his real name is Rob Ritchie then his birthday took me by surprise turns out that we both share January 17th as our birthday although I am five years older. I knew there had to be a reason why I found myself fascinated with his music and him as a person.

Although his claim to fame started with rock rap he branched out in other genres such as country and southern style rock. According to “Wikipedia” his 1998 Album Devil without a cause sold fourteen million copies world- wide he is a five time Grammy Award nominee and has also sold twenty five million albums in the U.S according to “Nielson Sound-Scan”

I don’t see him fading into the background anytime soon because he appears to have a lot of stamina and is not a one hit wonder or some cheesy pop star created on you tube who may or may not last in the long run. There is only one kid rock.