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First Amendment

Richard R. Kreimer was homeless in the early to late 90s. Not only did Richard have no where to stay beside public places in Morristown New jersey, but he was left with only the  public library as his main place of stay. Kreimer being a long time patron of the joint free public library was a constant user of its resources such as magazines,newspapers and books. Although, he was removed from the library 5 times he never physically did anything to someone to have that happen. The reports say that his odor was so bad that it prevented other people from doing there jobs or work. Often times he was caught staring at people and mumbling words to himself. However, none of these are a violation of anything, but rather a annoyance  in the public library eyes. Soon after being expelled from the library completely Kreimer took the problem to the United States Court for the District of New Jersey. Kreimer argued that his absence of the library completely was an invalidation of the First Amendment. The courts appealed kreimers arguments  toward the library and prohibited some of the library rules that is had in place. The library appealed shortly after. March 24th 1992 lead to the reversal of the courts decision saying that the rules did not violate the homeless mans First amendment rights. Library officials rejoiced as the process of this case was a long and stressful one.

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This case has many impacts on the courts decisions of today. It dove into what the first amendment was really about and how the meaning of it can be seen differently through others eyes. The problem being that people are doing things that don’t break the laws, but break morals of the other people that have to see what they’re doing. An example of this in today’s world is the burning of the american flag. Just like the first case theirs not a law preventing people from doing it. Although, its frowned upon highly by people around the country its done to prove a point in the protesters eyes. Its a protest that no one likes to see, but does anyway because of the amount of times its happening now a days. Is a problem our country faces down the road and will continue to do so until a solution is found.









Profiling through media

Media and its outlets have a particular way of expressing their opinions on certain people. The way in which they do this is left up to them. Although, it’s done constantly in modern media the results of what stereotyping does to certain races and religion is hidden among the actual information media sources reveal. Media sources constantly put these labeled groups at the forefront of their articles and news networks. In doing so, media outlets begin to paint a picture for listeners and readers of their networks. This picture isn’t always representative of what that race or religion is a part of in their everyday life. That’s where media struggles in bringing the actual information to the audience.

Race can be a touchy subject for most. Why is this? Is it because of what we’ve seen on media outlets over and over again? The answer has still not been found due to the fact that as a society we can not move on past the point that what we see and hear isn’t always true. Media needs to do a better job of what they put out and try to censor a little bit more so people watching might have a better understanding of the situation. That situation has lead to riots in the past. An example of this is the shooting of Micheal Brown in Ferguson Missouri. Before the official report of what happened came out social media was booming. People took sides before even hearing the true account of what exactly happened that day. Speculations lead each side and neither would change  before hearing the official report. If media had done a better than putting Micheal Browns face on the front of the newspaper saying he was shot six times by a white police officer then maybe the riots wouldn’t have erupted the way they did. A simple newspaper headline could’ve changed the thoughts of millions on this displeasing event. This incident would give more fuel to the fire of stereotyping towards every African American that has been contact with the law. They are always the one to blame and their actions are always wrong in the situation.

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Religion has been covered by the US media for a long time. Particularly one religion is responsible for almost every terrorist attack in the US. That somehow means everyone in that religion is behind those attacks and supports them. The Religion of Islam follows the Quran which is what Muslims follow as the word of God. Muslim is a popular word in the US and for the wrong reasons. Ever since 9/11 and some events that happened before such as the bombing of 93  Muslims have gotten a really bad image in the eyes of the US and its citizens. Television plays a big factor in what the US thinks about foreign country’s who main religion is Islam. ISIS is shown as Muslim based group who beheads american soldiers on TV and online media outlets. This is what america sees of the Muslim religion and almost nothing else. Shown over and over again until america receives the image media outlets wants to put out in the first place. The opinion of the religions followers is left up to you as a viewer, but the images are so graphic you don’t have much room to think. Overall the impact of media on stereotype is strong because they give the evidence people use to support there own stereotypes.

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The Influence of Videos





My involvement with TV or modern shows while at William Penn has been very brief. I have a busy schedule to thank for that. Although, I’ve been entertained elsewhere I still find some time to watch Videos through one outlet. Netflix is where I got to watch shows that interest me when I have the time. I do not watch many shows, but the ones I do have an impact on my feelings after watching them. This I think is part of the medias plan to get you to come back time after time so they can make more revenue. The more feelings you have after a episode or video the better because you’ll come back even if they’re not the ones you want. Examples of these shows for me have been American Horror Story and Bates Motel. Both shows have multiple seasons on Netflix and portray a somewhat similar theme towards its audience. I would explain this theme as no other than cringe worthy  and confusion for what the characters motives are. These shows unlike any other have a dark side to them which slowly comes out to you as a viewer. Even tho you don’t like whats being revealed to you each episode you come back because its very entertaining and you cant find it anywhere else. Death and how its dealt is a popular thought for each episode and fuels the fire for both shows. AHS latest season Hotel stars Lady Gaga as a bloodthirsty vampire that literally runs everything in her hotel. Throat slicing is in every single scene and is hard to watch with blood spewing everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Once again this is part of the plan to get you come back which the do successfully with their large fan base. Bates Motel is more of a realistic show with the plot being a mother who only wants the best for her son and will do anything to protect him. Maybe she cares a little to much because they sleep in the same bed a lot. If that doesn’t give you and idea of what bates motel is about then maybe the fact that Normans brothers dad is his moms brother. Both shows are unique in there own way, but get the job done when it comes to bringing in viewers. I made the choice to watch these shows based on what I heard from the media coverage and what I heard from friends.That being said the shows keep bringing me back and that’s what the producers want.









Foxy Shazam

Foxy Shazam was an american rock band created in 2004 that had a slow but good surge into the mainstream of music. They began their conquest in music after releasing the bands first album The Flamingo Trigger. This album which was entirely free of charge put the bands name on the map and eventually help launch them in the right direction. The bands popularity came from live concert performances under big headliners The Darkness and Panic At the Disco. With such a broad act on stage the bands fans never had a dull moment enjoying the crazy music and the hysterical look of the group. Foxy Shazam would continue to shock’n awe their way to success on stage not relying much on media or internet in the early years to help them, but only sight and sound.

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Enough performances and album releases put the band into a somewhat known state. The bands single Unstoppable was featured in Superbowl 44 which help project them on the big screen. Another sound of success for the band was when their lead singer accompanied Macklamore in his Billboard top 10 hit DowntownEric Nally the lead singer was even compared to Freddie Mercury the lead singer of Queen in some cases. Which could be seen as a positive for the band in any way they looked at it. Overall the band took a break in 2014 and hasn’t been back since then, but the music and the shows they put on still have impact on viewers of their past work.