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Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District

“Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, 393 U.S. 503, 89 S.Ct. 733, 21 L.Ed.2d. 731 (1969): In this seminal case considering the First Amendment rights of students (John F. Tinker, Christopher Eckhardt, and Mary Beth Tinker) who were expelled after they wore black armbands to school in symbolic protest of the Vietnam War, the Supreme Court held that students “do not shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate” and that the First Amendment protects public school students’ rights to express political and social views.”- (

I found this case very interesting because I feel that in today’s day and age we often take for granted or muffle the voices of our youth. Suppressing their voices while at the same time trying to teach them that every person has the right to say or believe whatever they want. In this case the students were protesting the war, which is protected by the amendments of the united states, however  they were expelled from school. A result that often only comes as a last measure in a school system. Not only removing the children from school, which is supposed to be a place of thought and higher learning, but removing their rights.

This case also hit home for me because my high school has recently dealt with a situation very similar to this. Being from California, most of the people that compromise our cities and communities are liberal for the most part. Primarily POC and minorities. In the wake of the recent election there has been much unrest in my home state and my hometown. Just days after the election student in my high school assembled an Anti-Trump protest within the school. The movement grew in numbers and worked its way off campus. The principal took the initiative to join the group along with other staff in order to maintain aid and protection for the students. However, when word got to the school board the principal was terminated from his position. He was fired because, “He promoted hate and violence not only towards our president elect but our entire government”.

So I leave you with this question, according the case previously stated, Should the principal have been fired? Should he have stopped the protest much like the Tinker case? Or


Justice For Black Lives

New Age of Communication

In the day and age we live in, as a socialsociety we often post everything that our daily lives consist of on the internet and other social medias. We upload photos, videos, share links, partake in discussion forums and take in so much social interaction every single

day without even realizing it. With so many outlets at our fingertips, we are communicating faster than we ever have before.

Black Lives Matter Movement

One of the main moveblmments that has flourished via this new age of social media and improved communication,is the Black Lives Matter movement. It gained power quickly via the postings of innocent, unarmed, nonthreatening African American males and females being murdered during seemingly innocent traffic stops and other harmless events. The videos would go viral instantly, being posted across multiple media platforms with the social tag, #BlackLivesMatter. The videos and other postings spread like wildfire across social media, sparking awareness and more often than not, some extremely heated debates. With so many different perspectives and ideas being fired back and forth the ideas behind the movement can be easily misconstrued. Below is a video that I believe does a good job of at least presenting the main ideas and the issues presented surround #BlackLivesMatter.

The Voices Are Being Heard

But no matter how you feel about the movement, or what stance you take one thing is for certain. Due to this new media world that we live in we are being exposed to more and more social problems in our society. Via media and the easy accessibility to get out and voice your opinions through the internet and many other social media outlets, more voices are being heard. While this does create positive discussion as well as some negative,  the most important thing to take away is that because of our new sources of communication, we are at least discussing. Our generation isn’t turning the other cheek to these things or pushing them under a rug. The issues are being vocalized and we are finally starting to expose some of the issues that have been a huge deal in our country and society.


YouTube Musicians Growing In Popularity

What helps create a pop star in the modern era of music? This is a question that gets asked every time a new generation of music becomes popular among the masses. Whether it is the rise of Jazz and Blues in the 1930’s, to the Development of Hip-Hop in the 1980’s. Popular music tastes seem to change every decade since the art was able to spread to a mass audience. The textbook we read for class also agrees with this statement, the reason that I believe this is kids wanting to separate themselves from their parents, and what better way then listening to a different types of music.

Another thing that I believe helps create music stars is the quality and creativity of their music, rather than their public image. When a person or group starts out they have to rely on their music, then if they prove that their music is good. They can be signed by a big company and then they have to work to keep the public image they want. Sometimes this can be a big struggle, like the band Nirvana, a band from Seattle who was an anti-commercial  grunge band who became popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s. When the independent label they were signed was bought out  by DGC Records. Singer Kurt Cobain said before a crowd, “Hello, we’re major-label corporate rock sellouts“. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened in the history, even big names like Johnny Cash has felt this type of pressure.

Since we live in a world where you can get content from anywhere and everywhere, Youtube has become a big place where people can listen to some of their favorite artists. One of my favorite artists actually got his start on this platform. Adrian von Ziegler is a music composer from Switzerland that has 181,899,251 subscribers at the time of this writing. Being on a platform with as much freedom as Youtube helps Ziegler produce the content that he wants, which helps him produce the public image that he wants. He also sells Cd’s and his songs are on Itunes, which allows anybody to get there hands on his content. Also since Youtube has a comments section, it allows him to know what his fans are saying as soon as their saying it. This is why I believe he has risen to the level of popularity that he has.